Month: December 2014

Jumper refashion

Quick cheeky jumper refashion

I love my faux leather + anything else combos, so this little refashion was bound to happen sooner or later. I got the idea when I saw someone wearing a similar jumper (I assume shop bought) last year and I was sure I can make one myself.


Infinity dress

My very own Infinity dress

When my friend sent me a link to an amazing ‘Infinity’ dress at a less than amazing price, I wanted to find a way to make it myself. Infinity refers to the countless ways the dress can be worn and it’s basically a full circle skirt and two very long straps that wrap around your body in different ways.



On dress forms and how I ended-up DIY-ing one

Ever since I got serious about my sewing, I realised that making clothes for yourself really requires a dress form, you just can’t fit properly on your own body. This post is the story of how I went about bringing one into my sewing life.