Month: January 2015

Wardrobe Architect 2015 Challenge – January Round-up

Wardrobe Challenge 2015 - January

Wow, this month passed so quickly, I feel like I was just recovering after the Christmas holidays and now it’s end of January already. I’ve been writing this post in various guises ever since I signed up for the Colleterie Wardrobe Architect challenge, but somehow, I just never ended up polishing it enough to publish it. So, the end of the month, and the fact that Kristen already posted her outcomes, really shifted my behind into gear. So here goes…



Mum, look! Alex is sewing on the telly!

Let’s see which of you eagle eyes can spot me! Clue: I could not compete with Claudia on the fringe front, so I waited until after the show to have it cut.


[Sustainable Tuesdays] Three unusual sustainable fabrics

3 Unusual sustainable fabrics

Welcome to my newly created (as in just now) ‘Sustainable Tuesdays’ posts (only because the first one happened to be posted on a Tuesday, so I thought I keep with this day of the week). The aim of the series is to share my discoveries in the space of sustainable fashion and to inform and inspire other sewers to join me on this journey.

In today’s post, I’m showcasing three sustainable fabrics that I for one never imagined could be actually made into garments. Unfortunately, some of them are not readily available in the UK, but if you’re travelling through more exotic parts of the world, you might come across them and increase your sustainable fashion stash.


[Exhibition report] Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood

Knitwear: From Chanel to Westwood Exhibition

KNITWEAR Chanel to Westwood exhibition Image (c) Fashion and Textile Museum

A slightly usual post today, but I went to see this exhibition at the weekend, and my phone died while I was there, and I couldn’t provide minute by minute reports on Twitter or pictures on Instagram. So how about a blog post instead? Unfortunately, the exhibition closed on Sunday, so you won’t be able to visit, but I hope to inspire you to keep an eye on this amazing museum’s next events.


How to make a DIY plaster cast custom dress form – Part 2: Filling the mould

Welcome to part two of the custom dress form making. In part one, I talked about how to make the plaster cast mould.  In part two, we’re getting down to foamy business and talk about how to prepare the mould and fill it, resulting in a mannequin in your exact shape, that will become your best buddy for fitting your own projects.


Burda Style #118A

“Bye bye 2014” Day dress

As 2014 was on its last legs, there was still one project on my to do list. It was a lovely woollen winter day dress that would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I really wanted to wear it to the NYE party, a dinner with friends, nothing fancy really, so true to myself, I had to rush and finish everything in one day.


[Sustainable Tuesdays] Ethical fashion vs. sustainable fashion: what is the difference?



I’m starting the ‘good fashion’ side of  Sewrendipity with a link to a very interesting Sustainable Fashion blog by the Yarina (@theyarina on Twitter). Here’s a post that delivers a great comparison of sustainable fashion vs ethical fashion, while demystifying both concepts.


How to make a DIY plaster cast custom dress form – Part 1: Casting the mould

As you might have found out in one of my previous posts, I have gone through what I can only call a period of insanity and DIY-ed my own custom dress form. It came out so great, better than I could have ever hoped, so I thought I would share my experience with the world. I have seen a few attempts here and there, so very curious to swap notes and anecdotes (there must some, you can’t do this without adventures!!).



Wardrobe Architect – 2015 Challenge

Talk about serendipity, I was just preparing a post about my going off shopping retail for the entire 2015, when this awesome post from Coletterie pops into my inbox. What can be better than a fast-fashion diet??? A fast fashion diet while sewing lovely hand-made clothes and identifying your personal style at the same time!! Amen to that! I’m in, I’m in!


2014 favourite makes

Favourite makes of 2014

As it is customary in this time of the year, a nice little review of the year is in the cards for me as well. Obviously, the blog is only about 3 days old at this point in time, so you will have to be content with some nice pics and a quick summary.