Wardrobe Architect – 2015 Challenge

Talk about serendipity, I was just preparing a post about my going off shopping retail for the entire 2015, when this awesome post from Coletterie pops into my inbox. What can be better than a fast-fashion diet??? A fast fashion diet while sewing lovely hand-made clothes and identifying your personal style at the same time!! Amen to that! I’m in, I’m in!

Why the detox in the first place? I own too much stuff, and way too many clothes! Though I regularly cull and pass on to friends and family, give to charity or recycle, I have almost two large wardrobes full of clothes and two chests of drawers, plus a significant amount of shoes. When I first moved to the UK, out of my 29 large boxes containing my entire life, at least half were clothes. I had 95!! pairs of shoes (ok, incl. trainers and flip-flops, but still!) Shoes wise, I think I’m in a much better place, maybe 40 pairs now, but I definitely made it up in clothes. So no more, I say!

On the other hand, I love my sewing, no, make that “I’m obsessed with my sewing!”. So unless I just make stuff for other people, no more new clothes would mean no more sewing. For one, I’m definitely not that unselfish. Or that disciplined. And secondly, making stuff for other people last year totally took the joy out of sewing, as they are not around to fit as I go, they have weird body shapes and different tastes to mine. So other than bags, no one else is getting anything Alex made!

But coming back to the challenge. The best things are:

a) I can still sew

b) there is a plan (I do love a good plan and a list too)

c) I didn’t have to make said plan

d) there will be other people doing it, so we can spur each other on (i.e. butt-kick other people into action).


So what’s does this mean?

To quote Kristin (who started it) “this challenge will give you the opportunity to slowly and methodically design and plan to sew your own wardrobe”.

Below is an outline of everything we’re supposed to do, month-by-month.

  • January – Find your core style and explore shapes
  • February – Clean out your closet and take inventory
  • March – Review and finalize your spring/summer sewing projects
  • April – Plan colours and shop for spring fabric
  • May & June – Sew for your spring/summer capsule wardrobe
  • July – Review and finalize your autumn/winter sewing projects
  • August – Plan colours and shop for autumn fabric
  • September & October – Sewing for your autumn/winter capsule wardrobe
  • November – Review and refine
  • December – Show off your wardrobe!

Now I’m off to scrap my current sewing queue, find an awesome binder to do the first homework and tweet to the world about it (#WAChallenge2015).


I feel lighter already!!

Happy style planning, wardrobe dieting and of course, sewing!!



    1. It did make me think what the equivalent would be for food… But I guess one knows much better what one chooses to eat, as opposed to what one chooses to wear… I am very curious what this will uncover for me. Though some would say I am already quite single-minded when it comes to my wardrobe 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Angel 🙂


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