[Sustainable Tuesdays] Ethical fashion vs. sustainable fashion: what is the difference?



I’m starting the ‘good fashion’ side of  Sewrendipity with a link to a very interesting Sustainable Fashion blog by the Yarina (@theyarina on Twitter). Here’s a post that delivers a great comparison of sustainable fashion vs ethical fashion, while demystifying both concepts.

Ethical fashion vs. sustainable fashion: what is the difference?

As I was explaining here, I am doing a fashion detox (no more new clothes) in 2015, looking to make all my own clothes. However,  as I am learning more about sustainable and ethical fashion, I am looking to make more educated choices when I do end up buying new clothes. Regardless if I will find out at the end of 2015 that swearing off retail is a doable task or not, I do hope to emerge out of this exercise knowing more about what to buy so that my fashion choices don’t affect the planet or the people who make the clothes that I buy and I can perhaps even start influencing the industry in a very small way.

Happy sustainable journey!



  1. Awesome! Good for your fashion detox! I wish I could make my own clothes too, but I’m not very talented in that area, instead, I cut, dye and modify old clothes, that’s as far as I can go 🙂
    Good luck in 2015, looking forward to your wardrobe adventures!


    1. Thanks Sue! I went to see your post, I totally agree on the quadruple bottom-line.
      Did you go 100% off, or are you still buying some bits and bobs? I’m not in the underwear making head-space just yet, so I am allowing myself to buy 1 new bra this year and tights (it’s like I eat them, I go through 5 pairs a month!!) and one pair of new shoes.


      1. Hi Alex, I am 99% off RTW – I buy shoes and tights, but this year plan to have a go at making tights. I am going to try not to buy shoes this year, but am a tad addicted!

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