Mini [Sustainable Tuesday] – Help!

Online-Survey-Icon-or-logoAt the beginning of March, I attended Resource – the Circular Economy event at the Excel in London. I was there with work, but got the chance to meet a lot of very interesting people. Among which Lizzie Harrison from Antiform (and also a lecturer at the Royal College of Art). She is a very inspiring lady, and very knowledgeable in all things sustainable fashion.

So we were chatting about a million and one topics and we got to second hand clothes. And I was telling her how growing up in Romania, it was very frowned upon to wear/buy from a second hand shop (we didn’t have charity shops as such). And she challenged me to write a blog post about it.

Of course, I can always talk about my own experiences and thoughts, but the conversation got me thinking about the topic in a wider context. So I decided to poll my friends all over the world about their own views. And then I thought why not extend it to my wider social network, via Twitter, my blog and Facebook.

So I put together a very short survey, only 10 questions and you don’t even need to answer them all. Can you please, my dearest readers take 3 minutes to fill it in, so I can get a more significant, albeit empirical and very informal, view on our common attitudes on second hand clothes? Promise that I will share all the data with you, with nice colourful graphs as well. I am not asking for any personal data and I will not be using this info for any other purpose other than my blog post.

The survey can be accessed here:

Thank you so much for your help and very much looking forward to seeing the results!



    1. I totally do! I actually initially meant it just for my Ro peeps, to confirm or negate my own views, but then extended it to other people for completeness. Thanks for your help!


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