Spreading the love of sewing

Sew it with loveHey guys, I have some really exciting news to share with you today:


The lovely Elena from Sew it with Love studio in London Waterloo got in touch a few weeks ago and asked me if I would be interested in tutoring an Upcycling & Alteration class for her students. Now guys, I can’t explain how much I love teaching and how much I’ve always dreamt of one day teaching, and sewing of all things! I was so flattered she thought of me, but also so incredibly excited to be able to try out my dream for real.

I’ve been volunteering every week for almost two years now, working with primary school kids, doing reading practice and comprehension, and with secondary school kids teaching English as a second language. So I already know how much I enjoy explaining things and helping kids understand difficult concept and notions. But as much as I love grammar (believe it or not, I am a hopeless grammar geek!), sewing is and will always be my first love. So if I can kindle the passion for making things yourself in even one other person, I will feel incredibly proud!


Here is an example that Elena made of what an upcycled project can look like!

So back to the course, what is it really about? Elena was telling me that it’s the one course that is never the same. And that is because we ask the students to bring a few items they would like to modify, fit better or upcycle and I will advise on the best options and how to get their ideas put into practice. The students do all the sewing themselves, but I will be on hand to advise, troubleshoot and pat them on the back when they finish their lovely garment! As you might have noticed following my blog, I absolutely hate waste and love making the best of what’s already in my wardrobe, so I’m hoping to encourage my students to dig out items they have fallen out of love with for various reasons and try to breathe some new life into them with the help of the sewing machines.

As it would be a first time for me, last night I stopped by the studio to observe Elena teaching one of her other classes, just to get used to the space and the pace. I ended up being a bit of a teacher’s assistant, helping and encouraging our students, dishing out a few tips here, a few hints there. And by Golly, I loved loved loved it! When one of our students was struggling a bit with her invisible zipper and was feeling a bit discouraged, we managed to go through the steps again together and she inserted it perfectly, without the slightest bubble at the bottom and the straightest stitch line ever, I felt so proud of her! I promise you, even Patrick (Grant, the very daunting judge on The Great British Sewing Bee) would not have found fault with it. So well done Katie, you rock those invisible zippers!!

I am so looking forward to more such proud moments in my class on 7th April. So if you fancy getting a new look out of an old piece of clothing, join me then for sewing, a natter and cuppa!

Happy learning!



  1. Hey Alex,

    A massive thank you for solving my zip nightmare last week in sew it with love. I have shared your blog on my Facebook page, you’re a wonderful tutor and in that short session I learnt so much from you. Good luck with everything and I will be looking out for your classes 🙂


    1. Oh Katie, that made my day! I so love teaching and I really was so proud of your perfect zip insertion! Hope you’re going to make good use of the new skills and and sew many amazing new outfits!


      1. I have new fabric and patterns, I will update you with progress and pick your brain when I get stuck 🙂


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