Me Made May – (a little bit more than) halfway through


Hi gang, hope all’s good in your sewing lives and otherwise!

As you might have deduced from my prolonged sewing silence (which I have tried to fill in with other more or less interesting stuff), I haven’t been doing much sewing lately, though I have a trouser-making sage to tell you about (when I recover from the trauma long enough to take some pictures). However, I have been doing a lot of Me Made wearing, bringing into circulation many items I haven’t seen in a while.

Now, if I were any good at selfies, you could have just had a look at my Instagram feed on the side. But I’m really not, so I have only posted the occasional pic, when I could wrangle my fiancé to take them or I managed to sneakily take one in my office’s bathroom (really good mirrors there). So I will spruce up this recap with a few pics I already had of the items I wore, from the blog or Instagram archives.

My pledge was to wear 3 me made items a week, and so far I have worn something every day I was out (Days 3, 4 and 10 I stayed in, and I didn’t have any indoors items to wear).  I won’t do a day by day recap, as I really can’t remember the order of things, but will post a few of the actual items (some of them I wore twice).

So, day one started easy. Casual Friday at work, so a quick shirt + jumper + jeans, ‘dressing with my eyes closed’ affair.

It’s this V1248 shirt, one of my overall favourites, that I’ve made twice (and worn both several times this fortnight). Can read about it here.

The next day was Saturday and I went for tea and cake with the lovely Jane from Handmade Jane, we had a ball at Badger and Earl in Chiswick, chatting about sewing and blogging, what else. And of course, I wanted to showcase not one, but two MM items.

It’t the same black V1248 shirt, worn with Burda Style cardigan (pattern from Nov 2014) and shorts. The cardigan can be found here. In the meantime, I decided to take out the sleeves as they fabric was unravelling and I took them out to fix it, but I love it more like this, so no sleeves.

I also wore it on another day with the navy shirt in this post, a Butterick 5464. The green shirt from the same pattern was also worn during this week, on Day 9.

A few other items I really loved to wear this May:

My mock vintage Ikea fabric Lisette dress, that I have never actually wore to work, but it got me so many compliments I will have to revisit again.

My proper vintage green silk repro dress, so glad I had a work do to wear it to, otherwise it’s too fancy for everyday stuff.

Butterick Retro B5748

The blue sofa dress (Burda Mag Oct 2014), as I like to all it, as it was made with upholstery fabric got the most wear I think, 3 times in total.

Burda Magazine 10/2014 Design 127

Two wears for the Drapey Dress from the GBSB book. This dress is far from perfect, but, boy, do I love it, so comfy!

GBSB Book Drapey Dress

And an oldie, but goldie, my puzzle skirt that was my first project when I started sewing in 2010.

Burda Magazine 03/2009 Skirt 104

Mimi also got a wear, I really was running out of ideas, as well as my shiny blue top.

Polka dot Mimi blouse

Blue Top

So what’s the deal after the first two weeks of consciously making efforts to wear me mades:

  • I really really need more bottoms! So I made my first pair of trousers yesterday (wait till you hear the whole saga… I was too exhausted and depressed to even take pictures last night)
  • I need more in between seasons dresses. I only have thick blanket dresses for winter and thin summer dresses. And the weather being what it was in London, it was really impossible to even look at the latter, though I love them and can’t wait to wear them.
  • I have NIL leisure wear. Now, not really sure I want to get into making PJs and stuff, but probably need to make something for MMM next year.
  • I have NIL casual tops, which was a problem at the weekends when I wasn’t going out or just running errands. I also haven’t got any jersey in my stash, so I couldn’t even whip a Plantain or something on the huff. So I have my eye on some old t-shirts that I could reclaim the fabric from and try my hand at casual tops making. Especially since I have a new family I have yet to introduce to you (very exciting, all will be revealed soon).
  • When I was ‘forced’ to wear our own stuff and didn’t have a RTW choice, I gladly overlooked  the issues, real or imaginary.
  • I NEED TO SEW MORE! In spite of not buying anything new this year, the ratio of RTW to MM is still 15-20 to 1, so my aim is to reduce that significantly by next MMM. So I have a feeling that time allowing, I will try to fill the gasps in my wardrobe in a frantic May sewing madness :).

So happy Me Made May, guys! Don’t know about you, but I really pray for hot weather so I can wear my summer half of the MM wardrobe!



  1. I really like your Mimi too, I’ve made one up but I don’t really love it, think I cut a size too big. I also desperately need more bottoms, too many lovely top and dress patterns out there and not enough bottoms!


    1. Thanks, Emily! She is not my favourite make, but I like the fabric a lot, so she did get a few wears. I have a pair of navy high-waist RTW trousers and they are perfect together, so I’m keeping her just for that :).
      I’ve made my first pair of trousers for me at the weekend, grr, that was an endeavour!! Ginger Jeans next! 🙂


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