Month: June 2015

‘Here’s to you, summer!’ Playsuit – McCalls 6083 for Jumping into June

McCalls 6083 Playsuit

Whew, boys and girls, looks like I survived my busiest period of the year at work! That explains the absence, as I was hardly at home in the last weeks, let alone able to do any sewing! It all went very well, in case you were worried, and now were back to regularly scheduled programmes.

Soooo, looks like we might actually get some summer this year and, as the incurable optimist that I find myself, I proceeded to end my sewing hiatus with a quick and easy-breezy playsuit. I wanted to submit another mini-entry to the Jumping into June competition, if Chris is still taking submissions :). Here are a few of the entries so far. Plus, you might remember that I’m getting married in October in the sunny Caribbean, so no time like the present to beef up my summer wardrobe.



[Refashion] Little pink cropped cardigan

Cropped Cardigan Refashion

Hello gang! Hope you had a great weekend, although the barbeque weather we were promised here in London did not deliver by any stretch of the imagination! No matter, bad weather often means guilt-free sewing weather, so I hope you took advantage.

Before I dig into today’s new sewing adventure, let me tell you about my fabulous Sunday (I’m actually writing this on the train on my way back). We had a Bees 3 meet-up in Birmingham and it was so much fun! We get together every once in a while to catch-up, get group hugs (yes, we are still really good friends!) and occasionally fabric shop. (more…)

[Sustainable Tuesdays] On thrift and preloved clothes in Malaysia – Interview with Thrift on Wheels!

Thrift on Wheels

Hello sustainability-loving girls and boys! Today’s post is actually my first interview since I started the blog. It came about when I was doing my research on second hand clothes and Syakirin & Athirah, the lovely sisters at Thrift on Wheels! commented on my post. I was really impressed that I got readers from Malaysia and started the conversation. I found what they are doing so interesting and inspiring, and I thought you might as well. Enjoy! (more…)

Jumping into June with Vogue 9075, upcycled from an old wedding dress

V9075 White Jersey

Hello sewing boys and girls! Here we are with a potentially incoherent post tonight, as I am suffering from intense self inflicted sleep depravation… I had a very interesting weekend, to say the least and really pushing myself to finish this post and officially join the Jump into June ladies.