Month: July 2015

A striped monster – Burda Magazine Dress #113A 03/2009

Burda Magazine Dress #113 A 06/2009

I once read on a blog about the monsters, i.e projects we made which turned out all wrong for various reasons, but we can’t help but love and keep on wearing in spite of their defects. This is the only monster that still survives in my wardrobe. This little summer dress that I made last year is so utterly flawed that for a long time I was pondering if i really should show it to you. But then, we learn from our mistakes as much (or maybe more) than from our successes. Besides, I wore this dress so many times last summer and this year too, there is definitely a lot of love going on here. I will probably be embarrassed by the end of it, but le blog is not just for showing off, it is also for naming and shaming. Bad Alex, no cookie!!



Slick jumpsuit for July – Simplicity 2401

Simplicity 2401

Thank you all so much for your comments on my previous post. I took all your advice and chilled out from my online sewcial life for a while and also spent my time sewing rather than reading about sewing. Or blogging for that matter. But there was only so much hiatus I could take without feeling guilty, so here I am back in the blogging saddle…

I have a new summer project to show you, although I absolutely froze my behind on my balcony while taking the pictures… What the what, Great British Summer??!!!! I actually finished this on Saturday, but we were in a hurry to go see our friends and didn’t get a chance to take pictures, Then yesterday it was tipping it down in London, so I hurried home from work tonight to hopefully catch some light, otherwise this post would never happen.


Trials and tribulations of my life on sewcial media

sewcial media

Hello sewing girls and boys! Tonight a bit of an opinions and debate piece, rather than sewing, but I hope you don’t mind too much. I’m not going to lie, this is partly because I have finally started to tinker with the wedding dress (very early days, not much to show for at the moment) and I haven’t finished any new projects, but also because I really wanted to share my woes.

So up until a year or so ago, i was sewing in my sewing room, all on my lonesome! Then I went through the wonderful (and a bit) scary experience of sewing on the telly in the Great British Sewing Bee and I realised there were so many sewing people out there and so many blogs, not to mention Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets. So after I recovered (took a few good months), I decided to take the plunge and start this blog, and I also created a Twitter and Instagram accounts – I know, I have been living under a rock! Then I started making friends, finding out about this and that inspirational blogger, indie pattern company, fabric shop, you name it…


Nautical tank maxi dress – Burda Magazine #115 June 2009

urda Magazine #115 06:2009

Ahoy, sewing girls and boys! Today’s post is on helluva maxi irony! I’ve made a summer maxi dress just in time for the weather to turn rainy again here in London! And I’m taking pictures in the one half an hour when the rain stopped, goody! On the plus side, my holiday/honeymoon wardrobe is shaping up nicely, I’m really counting down the months now! Of course, this is a maxi procrastination effort as well, as I really should be getting on with the wedding dress, but hey ho, you know what’s it like when you get a sewing bee (no pun intended) in your bonnet :). (more…)

A sustainable wedding dress odyssey (Part 1)

Making your own wedding dress

Heya boys and girls, just a quick, cheeky mid-week post to tell you about something that’s making me really excited at the moment!

You might have heard about me getting married in October in the Caribbean and that I’m mad enough to make my own wedding dress. Daunting, I know, but I did choose something really sensible and hopefully easy to put together, so I will keep my sanity (and by extension, my finance’s). I really have no more excuses to procrastinate – I did get my amazing sewing room a little while ago, so even the feng shui is working in my favour!


New old dress with an oversized collar – McCalls 6465

McCall 6465 What’s new and exciting, boys and girls? I do wonder how many of us got near a sewing machine this week (warmest day in the UK in a very long time). I am one to ditch a summer day no matter how nice the weather if I have a project in mind. I have a few things on the got at the moment, but for tonight, let’s chat about this little dress that it’s actually quite old (2013), but I decided to revamp for a very practical reason: the facings kept coming out when I wore it and it really annoyed me. (more…)