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Hello sewing girls and boys! Tonight a bit of an opinions and debate piece, rather than sewing, but I hope you don’t mind too much. I’m not going to lie, this is partly because I have finally started to tinker with the wedding dress (very early days, not much to show for at the moment) and I haven’t finished any new projects, but also because I really wanted to share my woes.

So up until a year or so ago, i was sewing in my sewing room, all on my lonesome! Then I went through the wonderful (and a bit) scary experience of sewing on the telly in the Great British Sewing Bee and I realised there were so many sewing people out there and so many blogs, not to mention Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets. So after I recovered (took a few good months), I decided to take the plunge and start this blog, and I also created a Twitter and Instagram accounts – I know, I have been living under a rock! Then I started making friends, finding out about this and that inspirational blogger, indie pattern company, fabric shop, you name it…

Which leads me to my topic: HOW THE HEWIE DO I MANAGE ALL THIS INFORMATION???? And keep sewing, and not to mention writing and posting interesting blog posts, which sometimes takes longer than sewing them… I work a full time job and although I have no kids, I still want to have a social life, go out and about and not spend my entire life in front of my laptop or with my nose in my phone…

Recently, after a few really busy weeks at work, I came back to 450 unread Bloglovin posts!!! 450!!! I managed somehow to get read (diagonally, of course) and got them down to 170 last week, but it was like Sisyphus, pushing a stone uphill. And then I pushed the ‘mark all as read’ button by mistake, and that was that…

And that is not taking into account Twitter, which I think stops when you have 999 unread tweets in your timeline…. I mean, I know, I follow a lot of blogs, around 380 on Bloglovin, and about 500 odd people on Twitter, but I’m only human, how many sewing blogs can you read and pay attention to, nevermind comment and engage with in a day? I really want to discover new things, get inspired, and also comment and learn and be part of this amazing community, but this is getting out of control…

So help, please! What are your methods of coping with the sheer amount of information, lovely pics, interesting tutorials or plain and simple chatting about sewing online?

Happy sewcialising!



  1. I’m fine unless I have a few busy days, and then I get annoyed with myself for getting so stressed about catching up on everything… As said above I think we all need to remember that it’s supposed to be fun! Oh, and I turned off all (I think) the email alerts. I now just see what’s on my reader, far easier to manage…

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  2. Oh goodness, this is so true! I can’t stop myself following other people’s blogs, but then when I get 20 emails everyday about new blog posts I feel stressed instead of exciting, and I feel guilty for not reading every one! And as for my own blog, the guilt is enormous. I think I need to be far less emotionally entangled with it all! As many people have said, it’s supposed to be fun!

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  3. Totally agree with everyone else. I admit when it comes to reading blogs I resort to deciding whether to read the whole post based on subject/title or photos (what can I say, I’m a shallow visual person! 😉 and topics repeat, sometimes without anything extra of interest to me.)

    It comes down to understanding yourself & why you want to participate. So eg now I accept I’m an introvert & will never manage the wide circle of friends that more extoverted people enjoy. And my sewing is 1st & foremost a creative outlet where I don’t need to please anyone else (unlike everything else in life) so I prioritise what would be useful to my sewing & not jump in with the countless sew alongs & other sew social activities.

    Also decide which channel gives you the interaction you like most. Eg I don’t really do Twitter because I prefer deeper conversations or image based conversations. I also prefer channels that allow simple “Like” as a response because sometimes I just don’t have any more words to add but want to show one more person agrees/enjoyed the post/comment/picture.

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  4. Totally agree with your overwhelming feeling! Like the other who commented here, my method is to just read what I can, when I have time, no pressure to read it all. But it can be frustrating because you don’t want to miss a thing…
    I also feel that the more you blog, the more you get your “routine” outlined. That way your new posts take a lot less time to make when you’ve been doing this for a while.

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  5. Like Charlotte I think it is important to remember what its all about! Doing something that is fun and creative. My personal strategy is to read what I can – save to pinterest anything that I think I will want in the future and then move on. I also treat myself to 10 minutes a day (busy family here) and what I cannot read I delete without beating myself up about it.

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  6. I think it’s important to remember that it’s all supposed to be fun – so if it feels like a chore at any point it’s best to walk away & do something else, and not try to catch-up with everything you’ve missed. Maybe accidentally clicking mark all blog posts as read was the best thing – I’m sure your feed soon filled up again:)

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  7. This is what I do to keep my sanity:
    1. Don’t feel like you have to read it all. Read only as much as you want, when you have time, and don’t worry about the rest. You could never possibly keep on top of all of it anyway, so don’t stress yourself out about it. It’s like a buffet, you can’t eat everything there but you can sample what you want.
    2. When it comes to keeping up your own blog (and twitter, and instagram, etc), remember you don’t owe anybody anything! By that I mean you should blog only if and when it gives you pleasure, and not because you feel obligated to provide content on a regular basis, or because you worry your readers are wondering what happened to you, etc. I always remind myself that my readers are also overwhelmed by all their choices of content, so they really are not the least bit worried about whether I have posted something in the last two weeks or not–in fact I’m certain they don’t notice at all. (Of course, this bit of advice doesn’t apply if you’re trying to monetize your blog, but that’s a different story.)

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  8. It’s hard to follow so many people on so many types of social media – I’ve given up trying to see it all as I just can’t make the time to read dozens of posts or tweets several times a day. I just read what I can in the time I have and hope I don’t miss anything too awesome!

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    1. Ha ha, I didn’t even count the Whatsapp group! But I’m really looking forward to ideas from other bloggers :). Hope the cake is coming along hon! It’s a work of art… The on to some sewing soon, right? 😀


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