Month: August 2015

Sewing nightmares

Sewing nightmares

Hello sewosphere!

I’m turning to you for comfort as only you can begin to understand where I might be coming from with this one…

I had my first sewing nightmare last night… No, literally, a nightmare involving sewing… In almost 6 years since I first laid hands on a sewing machine, this is the first time I actually woke up screaming, sweating and gasping because of SEWING!! Over the years, I have had several very pleasant nocturnal encounters with amazing patterns and fabrics, which came together in perfect unison of craftsmanship and inspiration to make wonderful garments. I dreamt of new designs. I dreamt I was taking the measurements of various friends and family. But never, ever have I had a bad dream about sewing… GASP! And SOB!



Fabric organising on comic book cardboard

Comic book card fabric organising

Heya sewing girls and boys! It’s been a sad few weeks for me, as Hildi (my sewing machine), finally had to go into the hospital, a.k.a the repair shop. Although Carl was very helpful and fixed the immediate symptoms, I soon realised that probably the issues ran deeper and I’d better get a specialist to look at her. The clanking noise she was making sure sounded unhealthy.

But… all is well that ends well, and I managed to take her in, as well as another old Pfaff I had rescued a while ago, which was also not working. The shop I got her from, the Battersea Sewing Centre, is really really out of my way, but Chris is so so fantastic that I can’t imagine going anywhere else. So in she went on last Wednesday and I was supposed to pick her up yesterday, but other obligations came along, so I won’t have her back until next Thursday :(. On the plus side, it wasn’t anything too dramatic, just the needle timing that needed re-sync’ed and the hook bar reset. Plus she also got a nice service, which is not a bad thing after 2 years of intense using. Plus the old Pfaff was also fixed, so now I have a spare. Also, my old sewing machine which I had lent to my friend in Romania who wanted to start sewing and never did, got sent back on an emergency delivery. So now I’m effectively looking at a bundle (pack, herd, gaggle, ostentation???) of sewing equipment, which comprises of 3 sewing machines and 2 overlocker (my old Brother 1034D and the Pfaff Coverlock 3.0 that I have on loan from Pfaff). I mean, wow! Good thing I sorted out my sewing space to make more surface room :).

So, the question is: what do you do when your machine is not available?



[Sustainable Tuesdays] Splitting hairs: cashmere, angora, mohair


Welcome back to my Sustainable Tuesdays series, it’s been a while… Hope you missed it :).

We talked about types of wool a while ago and the sustainability and ethic aspects related to it. But not all that is warm, wooly and cosy is actually wool. There are a few other animal fibres that can be knitted or woven into lovely cloth that are not technically categorised as wool, but they are actually the hair various animals, from rabbits, to goats, lamas and alpacas.


A sustainable wedding dress odyssey – Part 2

Sustainable Wedding dress

Friends, I’ve almost beaten the procrastination and made a bit of progress with the wedding dress project… At least, on the prep side. As I was telling you in the previous post on this topic, I decided I not only wanted to make my own wedding dress, but I wanted a sustainable one at that. And my way to go about it was to buy an old dress off eBay and take it to pieces to recover the fabric and make a new dress I designed, from scratch.

Soooo, a few weeks later, I did just that. It took me three hours to get from this:


Hey there pretty lady, what’s your name?

Pfaff Select 4.0

This weekend I only just avoided a tragedy. My beloved sewing machine, Hildi, has been suddenly taken ill and I was really worried she might have to go to hospital (aka, the sewing machine repair shop). I was even worried I might have to maybe *gasp* have to buy a new one… Fortunately, my knight in shining armour (my fiance Carl) took out his toolset and rode in to rescued the day! And by the time I had made myself a cup of tea to numb the pain and worry, he has fixed her… Obviously, it turned out not as terrible as I had thought, but still, I was really really upset, especially with the wedding dress project deadline looming (66 days left to go). But out comes the star screw driver (6 pointed star screws, who the heck does that!!) and it’s sorted, better than ever!