Hey there pretty lady, what’s your name?

Pfaff Select 4.0

This weekend I only just avoided a tragedy. My beloved sewing machine, Hildi, has been suddenly taken ill and I was really worried she might have to go to hospital (aka, the sewing machine repair shop). I was even worried I might have to maybe *gasp* have to buy a new one… Fortunately, my knight in shining armour (my fiance Carl) took out his toolset and rode in to rescued the day! And by the time I had made myself a cup of tea to numb the pain and worry, he has fixed her… Obviously, it turned out not as terrible as I had thought, but still, I was really really upset, especially with the wedding dress project deadline looming (66 days left to go). But out comes the star screw driver (6 pointed star screws, who the heck does that!!) and it’s sorted, better than ever!

Pfaff Select 4.0

The problem was that the rotary hook in the bobbin section of the machine was not going full circle I could not turn the hand-wheel full turn. Carl figured out that the socket of the rotary hook (not sure what the technical term actually is) was supposed to be held in place by a bracket, but somehow that bracket had come out and now instead of just the hook turning, the whole socket was turning, but only up to a point, where it could not get passed the bracket. I think there had been a piece of thread that got snagged and when I pulled it out, it must have wrenched the bracket. So Carl figured it all out and managed to unscrew the bottom base of the sewing machine, then unscrewed the door of the bobbin case. This allowed him to reach up to the bracket, take it out and put it back in the right way. It only occurred to us to take pictures after we put it all back together, but if you have a similar problem, please let me know and I can put him on to explain further.

Anyway, disaster averted! However, as I was (obviously) moaning about my woes on Twitter and Instagram, someone remarked about how I actually named my sewing machine.

And I know I am not the only one. I was laughing with my first sewing teacher, Helen, how in no matter what language, they are always a she. My first machine was called Maritza (a diminutive from Maria), which in my family was the joke name for all mod-con appliances (especially the washing machine and electric whisk). Julie from Jet Set Sewing has a Bernina called Karl (the Swiss Intern, ha ha), which I think is so so funny! Of course you know about Hildi, my beloved Pfaff Select 4.0, of which I wrote a whole lot more here.

So this got me thinking that I’m really curious about what other people call their sewing machines (if they do) and why. So how about starting a hashtag #sewingmachinenames or something similar to collect stories? Spread the word, I want to know ALL their names :D.

Have a great sewing week!

P.S Have you heard about Rachel (from House of Pinheiro) new challenge #sewphotohop? It’s a 30 days Instagram challenge to post a themed picture every day. Here’s the list:

If you have a peek in my Instagram feed on the right sidebar for my Day 1 (Hello) and Day 2 (Things you can’t or won’t live without).

Are you joining in too?



  1. So glad your fiancé managed to make your machine work again! It’s so cute that you named it.
    I have two Elna but they are known respectively as “Elna” and “Serger”. Not very fancy…


  2. Yay for Hildi being fixed! It’s horrible when they’re broken, isn’t it? My boyfriend carefully fixed the stuck tension dial on my antique Singer last month, I was panicking so much when it broke.

    My machine belonged to my Great Grandma (as far as I know), so she’s named Rose after her.


    1. Ha ha, the menfolk do have their uses, don’t they? I have another old Pfaff that I salvaged, but it’s broken, so I’m of a mind to ask him to have a look at that one too.

      That’s so lovely about your machine being named after your Great Grandma, I love these connections…


  3. If your fiance can fix your machine (I’ve got the same one, Love, Love, Love her) get him up the aisle quick! He’s definitely a keeper. I wish my husband was that useful!


    1. Ha ha, now that he proved himself, I have another task, as you do, another old Pfaff I had salvaged a while ago and it’s not working… No good deed remains unpunished 😀

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