[Sustainable Tuesdays] Help with a study on how sewing influences sustainable clothes related behaviours

Sustainable Tuesdays

Hello sewosphere,

I am indeed alive (just) and you will be please to know that the wedding dress project is now completed… It almost killed me, and definitely killed my social life. I have been doing nothing but designing, tweaking, fitting, lapped zip hair pulling for the past month. Therefore, I genuinely had nothing to write about other than frustrated winging… And we all know you don’t want to hear about that… Anyhoo, it’s now done, as close to sewing parameters as my sanity can take, very faithful to my original idea and overall, something I really love.And entirely made using the old wedding dress. In in the end, that’s what matters, right? Tomorrow we’re flying out to the Grenadines for the wedding on Sunday (11th), so the big reveal to follow soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about this really interesting study that The University of Cambridge have approached me about. They are running a piece of research to understand if there is a connection between people who sew (make their own clothes, but also do other types of sewing) and buying new clothes, i.e if you sew, do you buy more or less than before you took up this hobby, do you through less clothes in the bin, do you overall care more about the environment? I for one am convinced that sewing people are not only the nicest people, but they are also environmentally aware and very discerning when it comes to buying RTW clothes.But this has not yet been scientifically proven yet. 

So please, sewing friends, let’s help the researchers from Cambridge sort this one out once and for all. Please fill in this survey and let them know your views. It’s all anonymous, unless you want to leave your email address for a prize draw of £50 vouchers.


Thanks, sewosphere and see you the other side of the wedding!

Miss (still only just) Alex



  1. Dear Alex, Good luck with your wedding! May God’s blessings come on your family 🙂
    best wishes from Mihaela


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