Season inappropriate scuba shorts

High Waist Scuba Shorts 6 (1)

Hello, hello dearest readers…

I must confess, I am still clearly in the scuba-obsessed phase, so here we have a new creation using this amazing fabric. Although totally weather inappropriate, and believe me, I absolutely felt that during the photo shoot earlier today, I love them!

High Waist Scuba Shorts 1

They sprung from my pile of UFO that accumulated during the wedding dress madness and I’ve been  umm-ing and err-ing for a while as to the final product. Initially, I wanted to make them into a playsuit with a corset top, but then decided to have them as short and a separate top, so I can wear them either together or as separates. The corset will make an appearance on the blog very soon as well.

High Waist Scuba Shorts 4

So here are de deets:

I used a TNT pattern by now, McCalls 6083 (just the bottom part). I removed a good 20 cm from both the front and the back, to make them much more hip-hugging. I also added a wide waistband and redrafted the hip curve to make them much tighter. Because of the stretch of the scuba, darts were not necessary.

High Waist Scuba Shorts 2

The fabric is a heavy weight scuba, I got from Simply Fabrics in Brixton, while I was at the Knit and Stitch Show at Olympia back in March.I think ti was about £4 and I used maybe 0.5m. It’s quite thick and spongy, but which sews like a dream on both overlocked and regular sewing machine. It does need a bit of coaxing on the pressing side, but using the clapper helps.

High Waist Scuba Shorts 8

The original pattern had an elasticated waistband, so I had to add a zipper to the centre back. I have yet to master the side zipper with pockets, so went for what I know. Normally, I would have used an invisible zipper, as I find them so much easier to insert, but I realised that I didn’t have any available. It was 11 at night and I just couldn’t wait until the next day to go to the shop and get one. So I had to use a regular centred zipper and, as per expected, it was hell. Had to unpick twice, but it sort of worked out in the end, with a lot of pressing. Not the best zipper ever, but hey ho…

High Waist Scuba Shorts 15-2

Not a whole lot more to say about the make, it came together really easily. I used my Pfaff Coverlock 3.0 to finish the hems. I just love the neat, even finish it provides!

High Waist Scuba Shorts 15

Overall, a really cute pair of shorts that I think I can get away with wearing during winter as well as when the weather gets warmer. I styled them with a chiffon blouse that I think works well with the high waist, but I have a Briar t-shirt planned, the cropped version, which could also work nicely, maybe with over the knee boots instead of heels.


High Waist Scuba Shorts 9

Have a great week, everyone!









    1. Now, when I say corset, what I actually mean is a bustier, admittedly, with some boning, but nowhere near the real thing 😁. It still needs the zipper put in, but I had to stop to work on a dress for a Christmas party this weekend. Glad you like the shorts 🙂.

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