Happy bloggoversary to me and a giveaway for you!

1st Bloggoversary

Hello sewing boys and girls, can you believe it’s been a year since I joined the sewing blogging community?!? So, fitting with the last day of the year, a recap/review is in order, as well as an anniversary give away!

But before anything else…

THANK YOU for having joined me in this online sewing adventure, to make, learn, refashion and connect! THANK YOU for following, commenting, liking and generally, for all your kind words and encouragements! You, my readers, are really what makes blogging so fun!

I’m really happy I took the plunge last year and started the blog, as it really opened my mind and eyes to such an amazing community. I’ve made some fantastic friends via the blog, met lovely ladies (and gents) in person, and talked all things sewing till the cows came home. Just bliss!

So, as per usual at this time of the year, even more so as it’s the bloggoversary, there is no better time than the present to have a back-gazing glance at the (almost now) past year.

My 2015 Sewing Year

Sewing Plans 2015

I had started 2015 with grand plans, but I feel a bit deflated now at this time of reckoning about how much I have actually achieved. I did buy loads of fabric, got even more for free. I also bought loads of patterns, and I put this on the achievement list, a lot of them were indie patterns. I also made-up/self drafted/frankenpatterned a few things, as well as a fair bit of refashions. Not bad, in the grander scheme of things…

However, I do feel that overall, the year was a bit of a sewing fail, as the majority of things I had planned did not happen. I think I got chasing a few sewing butterflies, quick, easy and instantly gratifying, instead of grafting the hard, patience chewing, hair pulling more complex projects. I also made a lot of season inappropriate/life inappropriate clothes, that seemed like cool ideas, clever uses of fabrics or were made for a special occasion never to be worn again…

Not sure if they were really realistic, but here are the things I had planned to learn/make in 2015:

  • trousers with fly = X
  • coat = X
  • structured/lined jacket = X
  • jeans = X


  • wedding dress = YES!!!! Given that it took me ages and it stressed the life out of me I say it trumps a lot of the above



2015 Sewing bests

My Make of the year is this Ikea blanket Burda Style winter dress. I wore it loads, it’s comfy, pretty and makes me feel put together each time! LOVE!!

Burda Style #118A

My Pattern of the year is Nettie bodysuit, from Closet Case Files. Even though I made it twice and none of the versions were blog worthy for various reasons, I absolutely love the pattern and the explanations, plus it taught me to insert bias binding into knits, oh yeah!!  New Year’s resolution: make a proper Nettie next year!!!


So that’s it on the sewing side, I’m not going to talk about the failures because I’ve just learnt and moved on. Upwards and onwards and better decisions next year!!

I also want to give a quick mention to my collaboration with Pfaff. I just love my Pfaff 3.0 Coverlock, which I had on loan this year. Looking forward to more amazing projects together next year.

Wardrobe Architect



I have not emerged with a leaner, meaner, more fashionable closet at the end of the year, but I can definitely chalk up one major victory: I stuck to my guns when it comes to clothes buying. In total, I purchased in 2015: one scarf on Jan 2nd (that was a hang-up from 2014), 6 bras (i changed my cup size, so had to get rid of the old ones), pants and tights (lost count, but I wasn’t banning them anyways). I also got 3 pairs of shoes, one pair of boots, one pair of sandals for the honeymoon and one hat. All in all, not too bad for a shopping addict that I used to be. I also donated to friends, charity or recycled large amounts of clothes, shoes and bags. I feel much better for all of the above, but I feel I hardly made a dent in my wardrobe, especially since I am sewing quite a lot and filling all the spaces I emptied. I did not manage to Kondo my life (I do like some ideas, but I find her frankly a bit cuckoo).  But the retail fast was so much easier that I thought, it felt so good to mentally avoid the clothes shops, ignore the sales and in general, stay away from being told what I should or shouldn’t wear because ‘it’s fashionable’. I’m planning a longer post on this topic early next year, so  won’t elaborate too much now.

Me Made May

This year, I participated for the first time and it was great to be able to wear so many of may makes consciously. I discovered loads of gaps, some I realised, some I didn’t, planned to fill them (still haven’t), but overall, loved the experience so much! Still quite far from Me Made Every Day, but here’s hoping that 2016 will at least go up a notch!

Me Made May revelation: this dress!

Lisette Traveller (Simplicity 2246)


It was another whimsical make that I really didn’t think I’ll end up wearing, but during Me Made May, I wore it a few times and got so many compliments that it became a summer staple.

So now, enough recapping, how abut that give away??


Although I don’t want to talk about it too much, 2015 was also the year I sewed (for a very little while) on the telly, in the Great British Sewing Bee, series 3.  The best thing to come out of that were the wonderful people I met and became really good friends with. And one of them is the incredibly lovely, incredibly talented Claire Louise Hardie. She is my sewing goddess, and the author of Fashion with Fabric, the 3rd Great British Sewing Bee companion book.

Fashion with FabricSo, I’m putting up for grabs a signed and dedicated copy of the book. To win it, just browse through the blog and let me know by commenting what are your favourite creation(s) so far. I’d love it if you also shared on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, using the buttons at the bottom of the respective post. A winner will be randomly selected in 2 weeks’ time, on Sunday 17th January.


So that’s all folks for 2015, here’s to more fun with fabric, patterns and wonderful fashions! Have a fantastic time tonight and may all your sewing and non sewing plans come true just the way you want them!

Alex xxx





  1. Happy New Year! I’ve loved reading your blog throughout the whole year and really admire your ability to try new things (a la scuba makes!). My favourite this year is your sparkly jumpsuit and you’ve inspired me to give it a go myself. Keep it up!


    1. Thank you so much for following and reading! It really warms my heart to be able to inspire people, and I do hope you will enjoy making and wearing it as much as do I mine. Have a great sewing year!


  2. Congratulations on the Blogoversary! I’ve spent the whole break reading sewing blogs as I intend to spend my year sewing and knitting and generally crafting. I’m very much enjoying slowly working through yours. I feel so inspired by everyone and its lovely to see how things work out in real life. I spent last year getting as much experience as I can quilting, so this year its dress making. I’m aiming to be able to make some great replica costumes and things for my work in a museum, but along the way I’ll make my own wardrobe. Anyway, I absolutely love your Ikea Blanket dress, what a fantastic idea- thats inspired me. I also think I’ll *copy* your Bettine dress as I reckon thats something I’d get a lot of wear from.


    1. Thank you! I am so glad when I manage to inspire people, even just a little bit. And speaking of, my New year inspiration came from Heather Lou at Closet Case Files, she wrote a brilliant post about the fear or failing and why should just dive right into it. So I hope you will have a very productive year in sewing and non sewing terms. My main advice is to use cheaper fabrics (or recovered, like blankets or curtains) to begin with, so you’re not worried about ruining expensive one. Good luck and hope to have you visit again soon!


  3. Happy anniversary! I really like your ikea blanket Burda Style winter dress. It looks gorgeous yet very versatile!


    1. Thank you Ellen! Happy new year! I wore it yesterday, to make my first day back in the office more palatable! And it sure did the trick :).


  4. New Year’s Day, having a nice quiet time on the sofa with my little dog, browsing my favourite blogs. What do I see but your ‘Ikea blanket’ dress, the same blanket next to me on the sofa. What inspiration! So that has to be my favourite item.

    As an aside, I was so sorry to see you leave the ‘Bee’. I thought you were great and as your blog proves, extremely creative. I’ve been tempted to apply to enter, but know that the time pressure would totally wreck me. This year I finished my New Year’s Eve dress at 6 pm the same night, thank goodness I wasn’t being filmed!

    Best wishes,


  5. Wow you did amazingly buying so very little in 2015. And I have to say the dress you chose to add here has to be my favourite, it’s stunning. You really should wear it a lot, I’m not surprised you get compliments about it because it looks amazing!!


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