AnooYoo? No, not really, just a little facelift…

look upinto the stars.

In case you’re wondering if I went mad in the new year, no, no more than in the old year… And to set the expectations, this one is about all that jazz due in the first days of the year, with resolutions, goals and how I’ll be all new and improved by this time in 2017.

This AnooYoo thing is from one of my favourite books, The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood (also in the other novels in the trilogy, Oryx & Crake and MaddAdam) and every time I hear this ‘new year, new me’, it pops into my mind. If you haven’t read the book, it really has no positive connotations. But no worries, nothing of substance is new and improved here, just a bit of cosmetology on the look of the blog. Hope you like the new logo and the bigger fonts are hopefully a bit easier to read.

So then, shall we get the goals part over with?

Right, so my goal/word/resolution for 2016 is PUSH!

I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and have a feeling that I achieved something at the end of the year. So, my pushing in terms of sewing means sticking to my old goals, which I did not achieve last year. So, this year, if by my second bloggoversary I am a) still sewing b) still blogging and c) have completed at least one of the following:

  • a pair of jeans I can go out in
  • a coat that I can wear without shame
  • a blazer that is not black grey or navy and does not end in the bin

I shall declare myself content. I really think any of those will make me feel I have moved forward in my sewing, which is the main thing I missed in 2015. And no ablogogising either! Pop over to Karen’s blog to see this really is a thing.

And in the same vein, have a read of this blog post by Heather Lou at Closet Case files, it really was my inspiration for this young 2016!

And now a few nice to haves…

I want to continue my RTW fast, albeit maybe not as strict as last year. It really was doable, I did not miss it (made up with shoes and bags and patterns  and fabric, ooups!) Probably I will allow myself a few clothes I know for sure I can’t sew (jeans, blazers and coats at the moment 😦 ). And shoes, though I think I’m done with bags for the next 2 year though, just got  anew one and the old one lasted me 2 and a half year. Even if I buy things, I want to operate a one in/ 2 out (even if not in the same category), my wardrobe is still ginormous!! And definitely continue the declutter, maybe one day I’ll get that perfect capsule wardrobe that I keep fantasising about… One day, one day… *wistful sad eyes*…

I want to get better at photography and Lightroom and make my blog look better and better.

I want to blog at least as much as in 2015 (55 posts), and not to have a breakdown at the amount of sewing social media, whilst still reading and reaching out to all the wonderful people I am following.

And that’s it!

And to start as I mean to go on, I’m off to cut the muslin for my first pair of Ginger Jeans, as I’m taking part in Jeans in January, another concoction of Chris at Said & Done – you might remember her from Jumping into June last year. I made 5 jumpsuits last year, I wonder if the jeans will end up being the jumpsuit of 2016…?

Anyhoo, happy Mondays (no, not the band, I saw a pic with the members recently and they DID not age well!)




  1. Great that you are starting with the Ginger jeans in your adventure☺. I ‘ve made two of them with almost no alteration. In is a class from Jennifer Stern about jeans, pattern alteration , I really enjoyed that, really helpful.
    I love making coats and is really not a big deal, the Clare Coat from ClosetCaseFiles is a perfect pattern to begin with, there is even a sew along on this pattern and I think the style suits you also. Good luck and have a great year!


    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I am plunging into jeans head on!! And I got Clare last year, as soon as it came out, it’s gorgeous. I love Heather Lou’s instructions, and the sewalong will definitely help. Maybe I will get it done by spring. Happy new year to you!


    1. I need to make a toile, though thankfully the pattern has been assembled last year. I’m travelling this weekend, so won’t get to do much until mid January. I guess it’s one of those things where you just have to plunge into… If I end up with 5 pairs, it’s all your fault.


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