Month: February 2016

An incredibly sad post

Dear sewing friends, I have just received some very heartbreaking news… My fellow Great British Sewing Bee Season 3 contestant and friend, the wonderfully talented, full of life, stylish and such an amazing lady, Lorna Monje, is no more. I am incredibly shocked and saddened and I feel the sewing community is now poorer for having lost such an amazing seamstress. We are a very close group, the GBSB 3 alumni, and it was so great seeing Lorna whenever she was available from her travels. Last night we were all united in celebrating Lorna and remembering her on and off the programme.



The Phoenix sheath dress

Scuba Sheath Dress
Remember I keep talking about this teal scuba fabric? I made culottes out of it here and then I was telling you about how I decided to fix them and they ended up in pieces here? Well, this is the same fabric that rose like a Phoenix from the scrap basket to become a pretty wearable dress, even if I do say so myself…


Tip for organising your rulers and pattern makers

How to

Today I wanted to share another little organising tip for your sewing room. Since I started sewing almost 7 years ago, I have managed to gather quite a few quilting rulers and pattern makers and when I was organising my sewing room, I had to come up with a solution to keep them tidy and accessible.