Why I’m not taking part in MMM’16

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I’ve been umming and errring about Me Made May 2016 quite a lot. I saw a lot of people make their pledges in the sewosphere and kept thinking I should do it too. I enjoyed taking part last year, but I also found it quite pressurising, especially the instagramming daily outfits part. I know this is not the point, but I felt that I should or otherwise it would not count.

So it’s May 1st today, I am visiting my family in Denmark and I have not worn a single me-made item, though I do have something in my suitcase. I think it was a bit out of protest, or being contrary.

I think Me Made May is a great idea, and I do see where it comes into play, and I’m sure it’s right for a lot of people. But this year it’s not for me. After one year and 5 months of not buying any new clothes, I feel I have a fairly honest relationship with my wardrobe, be it RTW or me-made. And this year, I realised I don’t like a lot of my me-mades anymore. Or, because of the really cold weather we’ve been having lately, they are really not weather appropriate. So, I have a really poor pool to choose from this time. I don’t want to wear things I don’t like just because I made them. And I don’t to wear things I made and I love to death just because it’s Me Made May.

So I won’t!

I,  Alex of Sewrendipity, pledge to review all my me-made items and wear what I feel comfortable with and are weather appropriate during May 2016. I also pledge to have a really good think about why I don’t like half of my me-mades anymore and incorporate the learnings into my future sewing. I also want to make any repairs/tweaks or rework that will bring old makes back into circuit. I will share as and when I do wear my handmade items and thoughts about why I love/hate them on my blog.

To everyone else who is doing it, kudos and I hope you have a great time! I’m sure I’ll catch you all on Instagram or via the blogs!

Alex xxx



  1. As someone who has sewn 4 completed garments, it seems a little intimidating! But come to think of it, I haven’t bought any new clothes since I learned to sew in October last year. So maybe me-made will just become integrated naturally into my wardrobe instead of a once-a-year me-made-a-thon!


    1. Oh, don’t be! It’s a challenge to make more for next year. And besides, you can wear one of the four a week and see how you get on. Don’t let grumpy old me put you off :).


  2. I am not taking part as I’m sewing my daughter’s wedding dress, the groom’s waiststay and the bridesmaids dresses, though not now my own outfit. I haven’t really consisted it as something I particularly want to do, in any case, and don’t have enough me-mades, either. I think your pledge is fabulous. I might take on your pledge after the wedding.


    1. Oh, that’s a really tall order! I only made one wedding dress and it nearly drove me bonkers! I have been wearing a lot of me mades tough last week, which was good, though I felt like I was cheating on my anti-pledge 😀


  3. I’m also not doing it this year as due to new baby half my me-mades don’t fit me anymore. Like you I’ve been looking at some of my older me-mades and just don’t like them much anymore – stylistically they are still good but it’s the quality of the sewing that is letting them down. I think as I get better at sewing I’m getting more critical – same is true for buying clothes. I just don’t want to wear things that have been shoddily made.


    1. Yes, you’re right. In my case, there’s a bit of wear as well and poor quality fabrics to begin with. Plus some styles I just don’t like anymore. I found a few though that I do like, wore me-mades 5/7 days tis week, not bad for an anti-pledge 😀


  4. Great idea for a not-taking-part pledge! I think I should take a little time to reflect as well as sometimes my output is greater than my need for clothes. I’ll follow your results with interest!

    I’m not taking part either this year, mainly because I’ll be away in South America for two weeks during May and will travel very lightly but with very few me-mades. But also the whole daily outfit picture routine is not something that comes easy to me.


    1. How exiting, South America!! Are you going to be posting on your blog about what you get up to? Re pledge, I am curious myself as to what will actually happen. I am in dire need of a spring clean, but I’ve been so manic lately that I didn’t even have time to think about it…


      1. I’ll surely write a post or two about the sewing related side to my travels – hopefully in the fabric shopping category!!


      1. Yes. I do feel a little less excited about it this year. I decided to challenge myself to try new combinations and outfits, rather than my TNTs. I think there are some me-makes that no longer fit my style or body. It may be time for them to be donated.

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