Pretty Bees with cherries on top

Post 83

Hi guys, what glorious weather we’ve been having! And to make everything even better, the Great British Sewing Bee is coming back on the 16th of May! That is why I have interrupted the regular scheduling (a post on my wool pin striped culotte) with a Sewing Bee related summer dress that I got to go to the park and take pics of without accessorising it with purple lips and gooseflesh.

Cherry Dress White (2016) #02.jpg


This dress is one heck of a walk down memory lane for me! I actually made this one in prep for the first episode of the Sewing Bee, but never got around to blogging about it. But I reached for it today, to wear it our for coffee in celebration of this glorious weather and I realised I never actually posted about it. So, although I have a few thoughts for Alex of two years ago on how this dress should have been done differently (hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it), I still really do love it and can only hope for hot summer weather to wear it loads.

Here are the deets…

Pattern: Simplicity 3833, size 10, no modifications

Fabric: cotton poplin from Goldhawk Road

Notions: one 52 cm invisible zipper, a bit of iron-on interfacing for the facings

Cherry Dress White (2016) #14.jpg


It’s a fairly simple make, with probably the only slightly difficult element of the bust darts, which are sewn in a slightly different way. Also, the sleeves are meant to puff up  a bit at the crown, so make sure you gather enough to insert the sleeve easily.

Cherry Dress White (2016) #12.jpg

Ok, now let’s address the elephant in the room! The pattern matching is non-existent, and believe you me, it was not for lack of trying. I think it was one of those cases where a bad idea gets into your head and get all tunnel-visioned about it… I should have just removed the centre front seam and sewn it in the fold. The back is not that bad, it’s easier to match the straight part.

Cherry Dress White (2016) #13.jpg

Alterations: I only removed abut 10 cms from the hem, other than that, it’s just as it came straight from the envelope.

Overall, it’s a really cute dress which I love wearing, plus it always makes me think about my dear friends on the Bee and the good old times we had together…

Cherry Dress White (2016) #11.jpg


Happy Spring everyone! Bring one the sun dresses 🙂

Alex xxx



  1. Pattern matching be damned! I love it when a dress has a story. I cant believe it was that long ago you were “bee”.


    1. Yes, time just flew by… We filmed in May 2014, although it was broadcasted in Feb ’15, so even longer… And yes pattern matching be damned, though I learned my lesson since then, don’t get swayed by a pretty fabric pattern that don’t go together…

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