Top 5 Best Makes of 2016

#sewintop5 Hits

For the first time this year, I’m taking part in Gillian’s ( #sewingtop5. The rules are simple, just post your recaps on your blog, IG or other social media and use the hashtag during December 2016. Gillian is doing a round-up on her blog, so be sure to ping back.

I’m starting, as you do, with the hits, i.e most loved or most worn items I’ve made this year.

Such a great opportunity to look back at an incredibly busy year and realise how much use I actually got out of the projects I spent my precious time on. This was one of my main goals for 2016, to sew clothes I actually want to wear, that match my lifestyle and are practical. BTW, how great is it to have a nice blog where I faithfully recorded what I make?

So, without further ado…

  1. My absolute favourite, plus definitely the most worn me-made item this year: Mona Biker Jacket in black denim.

Wear Lemonade Mona Perfecto Black Denim

Such a great pattern, I have been planning on making it again, and adding a lining, but I just never got around to it!

Here’s a pic of me wearing in Copenhagen in April. Really goes with everything!

2. A very very close second, my pink culottes. I wore them loads since I finished them at the end of June (though I only posted them in September), in spite of the fact that I had to redo the waistband and zipper and they were on the bench for a while. I could really wear them every day, though I’m not sure how I feel about being dubbed ‘pink lady’ at work recently…

V9032 Pink Culottes (2016) #09

3.  Another little project that got loads of wear was the polka dot dress, from Burda Magazine. It makes me smile every time I put it on, especially since the fabric was a Secret Santa gift at last year’s sewing blogger’s Christmas party.

This too got loads of wear, both in winter, with a long sleeve top underneath and in spring/autumn. It’s also great for travelling, as it does not crinkle at all and can look quite dressy.

Spotted Raglan Tunic (Burda style) (2016) #06

4.  Probably a joint third is my Inari Tiger dress, which I wore as much as during the summer. I can’t believe my two favourite dresses this year are prints, I am so not a print kind of girl!!

A shout out here for Inari, the TNT pattern of the year, with one dress and two tops (one in wool+pleather and one in glitter).

Inari Tiger Dress (2016) #16

5. Last, but certainly not least are my first Ginger jeans! I love them, I wore them almost to death and they have taught me so much!

Red Ginger Jeans (2016) #13

This top turned out harder than I thought! I really loved most of the things I made this year (special shout out to my other culottes and to this humble cardigan that I almost already wore to death), in spite of the fact that I did not end up wearing some of them as much as I would have liked.

And that my friends, if probably the top top fact of 2016!

Look out for the next instalment, #sewingtop5 Misses!



  1. Love all of these makes! That biker jacket; wowsa! I must try the Inari pattern. And reading your Gingers post really pushed me to see mine so, thank you! Looking forward to your 2017 makes xx


  2. I love your haircut transformation! I went pixie about a month ago myself, after chopping off 18 inches of hair. Your pixie looks gorgeous on you. I love your short, cute bang pieces. Your #5 is my #1: I love those ginger jeans. Cheers to a fabulous year of sewing in 2016! Check out my top 5 roundup at


    1. Thank you! I really like your short hair too (might be biassed :D). I just had a look at your top 5, great outfits and looks like you had a lot of fun this year too!


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