Top 5 Misses of 2016


I’m sat on the sofa looking at our beautiful Christmas tree and nursing a blasted lurgy – trust me to be perfectly healthy all year and manage to come down with something while I actually have some time off to enjoy myself… Anyhow, I can’t really contribute to food preparations, and my husband ordered rest so I can be well tomorrow. So here I am, writing blog posts. In case you were wondering…

I’m continuing with the Top 5 series (see my Hits here). Again, thanks to Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow for hosting this series for a 5th year in a row.

I have not been terribly productive this year – only 16 items that made it on the blog and about 7 unblogged ones, but for most part, they really were winners. I loved the majority of them and either reworked or recycled the ones that didn’t really stand the test of time. Or passed them on to better, loving homes. It’s been a really tough year for taking pictures, especially in the winter, as my crazy schedule + very short days and little daylight really did not allow for documenting my projects. So I definitely did not waste any time taking pictures of the bad stuff and I have to make do with a few Instagram ones.

In no particular order…

  1. Refashions were a no-no this year. Not sure why, but nothing I attempted to do-up this year worked out and ended up in the recycling pile or in the charity shop.

Exhibit A, miserable failure and recycled.

Exhibit B, which got a few wears, but I decided was too short, so passed to a charity shop. I have another shirt of my husband’s to give it another go next year. I do like the idea, it was the execution that let me down.

2. Pattern failure is something that very rarely happen, as I have gotten really good at deciding what works for me and I also really research new ones carefully before I get going. So I’m not sure what happened here, but I could not get this one to work not matter how hard I tried. Probably user error. The fabric was recovered from my wedding dress toile, so I didn’t cry over it too much. Still, ended up as fabric recycling.

3. Wrong fabric I consider this as a wearable (or not wearable, as the case may be) toile, and the fabric was just leftover from another project. And I learned loads so I can make it again in nicer fabric. It looked ok, but it was really unpleasant to wear. So off it went to the charity shop. I am really ruthless when it comes to failures, I really don’t want them hanging about of I don’t like them. On the plus side, the next iteration of this pattern turned out great.

4. Not quite there

I really like this dress, but the lining turned out to be not stretchy enough for the self fabric, so it tore up ridiculously after just two wears. Plus I never liked the way I inserted the sleeves. So I took off the lining to replace it and unpicked the sleeves, ready to insert them again. It’s been sat on my sewing desk since November but I really do want to get it done this year, she said hopefully…

Teal Scuba Shift Dress (2016) #04

5. Lastly, this really was a true failure. A pattern I love (Seamwork Addison), a fabric I love, but because I was completely silly, it ended up in the recycling bag. I DID NOT PREWASH!! So when I washed it for the first time, it shrunk to a doll size, probably more suited to my 8 year old niece!! I really really loved this fabric, and I was so proud I managed to get this project made out of such a small piece… Even more annoying seeing that I’m so good at always pre-washing everything that comes into my stash. *wrist slap*



So here we are folks, not too bad a year in terms of massive fails, guess I’m learning more and more as time goes by.

Hoping to be lurgy free next time I’ll come back with the Top 5 non-sewing highlights (if I survive the crazy feast my husband is cooking up as we speak) Miam!!

Happy Cristmas everyone!



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