Comfy and stylish asymmetric winter tunic | Vogue V9186 (hacked)

The Brits talk about the weather ALL.THE.TIME! This may be a stereotype, but it’s nonetheless, true. And before I moved here, I could not for the life of me understand why. But, after years of dealing with the mad, sad, bad, unpredictable English weather, I talk, and think, and worry about the weather as much as the next person.

So, of course, my wardrobe (and especially my newly crafted handmade wardrobe), needs to adapt and reflect my new meteorological reality. True, in Romania, we get -10 and even -20 degrees (that’s Celsius), but you just pull out the one mega thick jumper and moon boots for those few days, and then you’re back to your stylish regular schedule. Well, here, it’s never that easy. It’s never super cold so you can bring out the heavy artillery, but neither is warm enough for just a top or dress.

So, the question is, what do you wear when the temperature is neither here nor there?

Let me introduce the snuggly tunic with a stylish twist. We’ve got asymmetry, turtleneck and pockets! Nuff said!

This is another variation of my V9186 summer dress that lovely Lucy from Sew Essential sent to me. It’s a rather unique pattern, so I’m really glad I could make another version of it. I wanted a winter option and when I got this ribbed fabric the whole thing just came together. And it’s perfect! So comfy, snugly, warm and yet not a sweatshirt (not that there is anything wrong with sweatshirts in regular guises).


So here are the details.

Pattern: V9186 size S with modifications (see below)

Fabric: Ribbed acrylic jersey from Abakhan



  • removed collar and collar stand and added 2.5 cm (1”) to the neckline (blended towards the edges)
  • added funnel neck
  • shortened by 10 cm in front and 5 cm in the back
  • inserted 2 pockets (pattern only asks for one, weirdly)
  • removed the elastic gathering on the front
  • added long sleeves to the armhole opening



The entire project was constructed on my overlocker. I reinforced the shoulder seams with clear elastic, as the fabric is quite heavy. The cowl neck was made by cutting a piece with the circumference of the neck opening, then folding it in two and attaching it to the neckline. I did the same for the sleeves, by measuring the armhole circumference of the armhole opening then tapering towards the wrist, so that the sleeves are nice and tight. All hems were all overlocked, turned over and chainstitched.




I am recommending this with the authority provided by numerous wears since I finished it. And it’s a flying thumbs up from the wearer trial! The only minor glitch is that it was meant to be a dress, but I got a bit trigger happy with the scissors and ended up showing a bit more leg than I meant to. So I was hoping to wear it on its own, but I have to wear it over trousers instead. Oh, well, next time!


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  1. Love it Alex! You pull off asymmetric like nobody else I know. Yup, that would’ve been quite a bit of leg you would’ve been showing. The colour is great and it looks so snuggly. 😀 x


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