#FabricShoppingOnTour Project | February 2018 Update

Hurray, we all survived January! I feel like I should make myself a slogan t-shirt – seeing that I’m taking part in RTW fast, and I can’t buy myself one – that should say just that. Not sure about you, but my January has been absolutely mental. It started in full swing, with a million projects on the go, and it finished like a damp squib, without having finished hardly any. That’s why I decided February will have to be #FinishItFebruary! I have a bunch of unfinished projects from January and a bunch further commitments I need to complete, but apart from that, I do want to focus on my moderate, yet still super annoying, pile of UFOs (Unfinished Objects) and stuff to be mended or tweaked.

But before we get to all that, the first post of the month is dedicated to the #FabricShoppingOnTour project updates.

For anyone who is new around here, here what it’s about in a few words…

As part of this project, I am cataloguing existing fabric shopping guides written by fellow sewists that were already published (no commercial directories allowed, only genuine sewing people), with the link to the original blog and the year it was created.

I am also encouraging local sewers to create purpose-made local guides for places where I could not find any blog posts. Sure, loads of people have written about Paris, London or New York, but how about Hong Kong, or Singapore or Minneapolis, Minnesota?

So what happened in February?

Nowhere near as many updates compared to January, but still good going. We have 8 new cities added to the Alphabetic Index and a total of 15 new links. This has taken the total up to 41 destinations and 68 links, out of which 32 are local guides. Not bad when the project is 3 months old, right?

Here are the new destinations:

  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Lanzarote (Canary Islands), Spain
  • Pittsburgh, USA
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Wellington, New Zealand

All new destinations are marked in purple and all new links, in green.

They are all thanks for the generous contributions of wonderful fellow sewers around the world, who got in touch with me after the January update. THANK YOU!

For next month, we have a few purpose created local guides in progress, so I am very excited to share them with you at the beginning of March.

In the meantime, here is the latest map of all the destinations we have available so far, all 41 of them!!

Looking really good, but how amazing would it be if we had at least one guide for each country? So far, we are missing South and Central America and Africa (except Egypt), so if you live (or have lived) in any of those places, please drop me a line if you would like to contribute.

As I am such a geek, I could not help myself from making up a few graphics with the breakdown by country (based on the number of links available). So here it is, for your viewing pleasure.

Fabric Shopping Project Feb 2018 Country Breakdown.png

Please continue to get in touch with any links that you might have come across or to your own blogs, and if you would like to write a guide for your city.

Of course, any feedback is more than welcome.

If you want to get in touch about the project, please drop me an email to alex@sewrendipity.com.


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  1. Hi

    Do you want Canada as well? As National Education Manager for Janome & Elna, I am aware of a great number of stores which sell fabric and where I buy often.

    Liz Thompson

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Liz, yes, of course! I’d like to go by city or region. Is there a particular place you go more often? Also, do you blog? If not, would you like to write a guest post on Sewrendipity? I try not to post just lists of address, but a few works on your impression of the store, what kind of fabrics they stock, etc. If you want to drop me a line on alex@sewrendipity.com, I can send you a template. Many thanks for stopping by! A.


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