Me-Made-May 2018 | Navy Capsule Wardrobe (10×10 DIY Capsule No.2)

Me-Made-May 2018 | Navy Capsule Wardrobe (10×10 DIY Capsule No.2)

Today  I was listening to the Love to Sew podcast episode with Zoe Edwards, the creator of Me Made May. She was discussing about the philosophy of the movement and why it needs to be fun and useful, but also make you push yourself, it’s a challenge after all.

Well, after the first stint of my Me Made May 10×10 capsule wardrobe (read more here about the concept), documenting all the outfits on IG and choosing my second instalment, I am definitely feeling stretched. I am for sure struggling with the documenting part, it does take an inordinate amount of time if you want to get it right (I will be posting a nicely shot post with all my outfits very soon, but in the meantime, please check out my IG account). I was not too worried about capsule 2, as I had thought it out a while ago, but when push came to shove and I had to actually take the clothes out of the wardrobe and form a cohesive capsule, with a theme, well, it was easier said than done.

However, somehow it came together…

Capsule 2 – Rhapsody in Blue

So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce Rhapsody in Blue (my recent American odyssey had nothing to do with this, honest!).  I mentioned in my previous post that I am aiming to having a central colour for each of the 10×10 capsules. And this time it’s navy.

Navy has always been one of my favourite neutrals and I now noticed just how many navy items I have in my wardrobe. The more difficult part was finding me-made items that matched and were not actually blue themselves, while still covering all my bases style-wise! I also got a curve ball, as I am going to the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen next week for work (I was not planning on that) and I’m sure I haven’t got anything stylish enough for it. Plus, from experience, everyone will be wearing black, so I’ll be standing out one way or another. Well, go big or go home is what I say, so better bring out those pink culottes!

Capsule 2 – My 10 items

MMM 10x10 Capsule 2 1

1| SLEEVELESS TOP WITH COLLAR self drafted, poly taffeta

This is really walking down memory lane for me. I made this top out of a failed skirt that I was desperately trying to finish for a Sewing Bee meeting even before the show aired, so it’s from back in early 2015. It’s been in my mending pile for ages as the bias finishing on the neckline came off a bit, so I took it out and fixed it to wear it as part of the challenge. This is already a win for this Me-Made-May. It’s self drafted to work with the 3/4 skirt piece I was rescuing and I added the flounce to preserve my modesty. I also like the combination of the modest collar with the scooped shoulders. Looking forward to wearing this again!

2| CULOTTESModified Vogue V9032 Culottes in pink poly something

Well, this is a pop of colour if there ever was one. I discovered the pink and navy combo last year for Me Made May and didn’t look back. I think I wore these culottes in every possible combination of blue items in my wardrobe. Yup, still love them! They are so great to wear with anything, casual or a bit smarter with a heel and I love the curved waistband that still stays in place although I lost a bit of weight. I will always endeavour to make this kind of waistband from now on, even if the pattern doesn’t have it. Besides, who doesn’t need pink culottes in their lives?

MMM 10x10 Capsule 2 2

3| STRIPPED CASUAL DRESSBurda Style Magazine #113 06/09 Kimono Dress in stripped viscose

This is probably the most off-grain dress I’ve ever sewn and that did not stop me from wearing it almost to death! The facings flip, it wrinkles like mad because duh, it’s viscose, but I still wear it every summer with a vengeance. Ok, I would not wear it to a sewing meet-up, I would definitely be embarrassed next to people who know what to look out for, but regular folks, well, they don’t really pay attention to these things. However, I have vowed to fix the flipping facings and replace with bias binding, which I hope to get to tonight before I have to pack for Copenhagen. This is my ‘just in case it’s really hot’ item in the capsule (as all the bottoms are trousers) and I must, just must, have my legs bare.

4| RIBBED CARDIGANBurda Style Oct 2014, #102 in ribbed poly jersey

Again an old favourite. I love this ribbed jersey fabric and I bought it in several colours. This was the original one that wrapped me up warm many a winter days in cardi as well as tunic version. I learned from my original 10×10 capsule in April that a cardigan is a must for any occasion, plus it also matched the theme, so in it went. I’m sure it will come in handy in Copenhagen.

MMM 10x10 Capsule 2 3


Ah, the first RTW garment in this capsule. I really struggled to only include 3 RTW items in this edit, as I have loads of awesome shop-bought items that are either navy or go great with navy. I’ve had these trousers for years, since 2009 actually, and wear them fairly regularly in the warmer season. They are starting to show a bit of wear, but definitely one until death do us part. I might throw them in a dye bath of navy to counter the fading. I love high waited trousers, always a good cover-up for those muffin tops, hey? and these absolutely deliver on highness points.

6| TRIANGLE BACK TOPBurda Style Magazine March 2016 #114 in poly sari fabric

This is an item that also made its way into my original 10×10 capsule, so I won’t dwell too much on the description. A really nice, serviceable top that goes with pretty much anything. Case in point! 

MMM 10x10 Capsule 2 4


One of the two navy blazers in my wardrobe (told you, I love navy!). Again, an oldie but goldie since 2010. I’m actually surprised how well it lasted, in spite of being fast fashion. I machine wash it and all. Not too much to say, a classic shape in a soft fabric that is super comfortable to wear.

8| RUFFLE SLEEVELESS TOP –  Butterick 5464 in poly crepe

This is a top from 2012, and I’m actually surprised at how long it lasted in my wardrobe. I made this pattern two times after this, but none of them are in my wardrobe any longer. My skills were definitely not up to scratch then, but still, it’s not too embarrassing to wear. The ruffle fashion is back again, so I might think about making some more of these. It’s a really quick and easy make and I think the gold buttons add a nice effect. 

MMM 10x10 Capsule 2 5


I love these jeans, which I had since 2009 as well. They are from my furious shopping days, but I’m so glad to see that they are still with me after all these years. These are culprits for breaking my RTW fast in 2016, as I was wearing them to an out of town meeting and spilled coffee all over them, so I had to buy a new pair of trousers to change into. But I forgave their beiginess and still wear them loads, just not anywhere near coffee.

10| OFF THE SHOULDER TUNICMetropolitan Urban Gypsy from Hot patterns in poly taffeta

This almost did not make it in the edit, but I needed something a bit dressier for going out.  It took me a while to embrace the off the shoulder trend in 2016, but I really liked the outcome when I did. However, it felt there was a bit too much blue in the capsule and I would have liked to add a bit more colour, but I did not have a me-made top that would work (lesson number 2 – I need more me-made tops that are not blue!). I’m sure it would come in handy though and it goes so well with the beige skinny jeans.

I feel like I need a bit of a red detox (still love you, red baby, don’t worry!) but is this a bit too much blue? Well, time and IG gods will tell. In the meantime, let’s go have a fun, blues free weekend!




MMM 10x10 2 Pinterest 2







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