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Urgh, already mid April… On the plus side, we are definitely truly on our way to spring here in the UK. I am actually going to work and it’s light and it doesn’t get dark before I’m home either! It’s still not warm enough to start wearing lighter outfits, but I still have plenty of milage in the cold weather wardrobe.

Allow me to demonstrate… in the March One Year Wear Count update. Plus, keep reading for a new capsule wardrobe exercise, with a suitably spring theme: the colour green!

Disclaimer:  I have purchased or made all items featured in this post, but it may contain affiliate links, marked with *. Please read my Reader Disclosure Policy for what that means exactly.

What you can expect in this post:

  • The March numbers!
  • Key insights from this March and overall
  • The items I chose for the Green 10×10 capsule

Let’s start with a bit of context.

The weather was reasonable in the UK in March, with a good amount of sunshine, but still quite cold (max. 10-12C).

It was a very busy month for me, with a lot of travel, abroad and in the UK, both holidays and for work, as well as a few work events where I have to dress up a bit more than my easy casual outfits. I was also skiing for the first time in ages, then spent a weekend in the Netherlands (the Hague) with my bestie from Romania. I was also mecaniching for my husband (he races in an amateur karting championship) one weekend, and I can tell you that I was not at my sartorial best for that one ;).

This month I have refined my tracker spreadsheet to separate the footwear into a distinct category so that they will not go straight into the RTW one. I also added a Specialist category to include my ski gear, which were not counted in the overall monthly totals, and neither were the Loungewear items (clothes I wear at home and pyjamas etc).


MY MOST WORN ITEMS (excl. Footwear)

1| Oversized colour block coatMe-made, I am Patterns Artemis | 22 times
2| Skinny blue jeans: RTW, old, from *Uniqlo (similar) | 6 times
3| Black skinny jeans: RTW, old, from *Marks & Spencer | 4 times
4| Dark green knit jumper, RTW, old | 3 times

TOTAL INDIVIDUAL ITEMS WORN:  59 (last month counted – Dec 18 = 48), out of which SHOES: 9


ME-MADE: 33% (last month 38%); RTW: 61% (last month 62%); REFASHIONED: 6%

DAYS WITH NO ME-MADE ITEMS: 4 (last month 5)

Loungewear days: 1 (last month 1)

NUMBER OF ITEMS WORN ONLY ONCE: 31 (last month 26) + 3 SHOES


My wool coat continues to be the most worn item. However, I was a bit surprised that my blue skinny jeans made it in the top above the black ones, that I’m usually always reaching for. I’m also really glad to see a very old RTW item (my daks green jumper), making its way to the top 5.

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This month saw a lot more individual items being worn, 59 vs 48 last month (and this is excluding specialist and loungewear). I also wore 4 more shoes than last month, 7 vs 3. I think this accounted for how incredibly busy this month was, with a lot of different occasions to dress for.

In terms of types of items, tops overtook dresses this month, followed by trousers and jumpers. It was cold, so that makes sense.

Key insight: The number of items counted so far (incl. shoes) is 128. I would say this is less than 50% of my wardrobe, isn’t it crazy? This is also excluding the items from Jan and Feb, when I didn’t count. I usually say I have about 200 items in my closet, but I think this exercise will show that I probably have way, way more. In March I also did a major clear out, when I took a massive bin bag to Oxfam. In September, when the project will finish, I am planning on passing on all the items that were not worn throughout this year, as clearly I’m not interested in them.

I am also thinking more and more that the next big gap that I need to fill in my wardrobe is a pair of boyfriend jeans. I am not a big jeans person, I only have 4 pairs in total, out of which 2 are skinny and 2 bootcut (both almost 10 years old, so don’t judge me). But comfort is gaining more and more footing in my wardrobe choices, so I need a pair that’s not too tight. I’m getting the jeans itch again… But which one? Hmmm, maybe a future post coming soon…

Anyway, about that capsule…

Spring 10×10 Green Capsule Wardrobe

I haven’t done a capsule since the end of last summer and I was really itching to go back to my minimalist ways. My 6 days trip to the Netherlands for a mini-holiday with my best friend from Romania, followed by a 3-day work conference presented the perfect opportunity. I must admit I was mostly motivated by my dread of packing, but it was really fun to think of a new and different version of now pretty familiar 10×10 formula.


If you have no clue as to what I’m on about, you can check out these past versions of my 10×10 exercises – my original 10×10 last spring, a black/white/red one, a navy one and a grey one. You can read more on what a 10×10 capsule is all about in this post.

Spring 10×10 Green Capsule Wardrobe Rules

When building my capsules, I tend to stick to a few simple rules for myself.

The objectives usually are:

  • make my life easier when getting dressed in the morning
  • come up with a concept that will encourage me to bring back into use items that I haven’t worn in a while
  • look at old items in a new light and combine them in ways that I have not thought about before

I try not to be too much of a purist and allow myself to include RTW items as much as Me-mades, but a 50-50 ratio is the minimum allowed. Shoes are not included, but I can’t wear more than 2 pairs of different shoes as part of the 10 outfits (so a max of 12 items). This time, I included the coat as part of the capsule, as it fitted into the colour scheme so nicely. Also, I do try to have at least one me-made in each outfit.

Lastly, I really like building my capsules around a specific colour. It’s perhaps a bit of a cheat, but it’s super fun for me to dig out all the items in that colour in my wardrobe and figure out a way to wear them together.

As I mentioned already, this capsule is channeling the colour of spring: green (although it definitely had a lot of winter items in it, it was still freezing).

So, let’s see what I chose.

Spring 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe Items


A very old RTW jumper, I think I got in 2006, and I still LOVE it. It made a spectacular come back into my wardrobe since December and I’m so glad to see it into my top 5 in March.

2| CROPPED JUMPERSeamwork Astoria

This little jumper also gets a lot of wear, as it’s unassuming yet brings a pop of colour to any outfit. And of course, it’s green, so it fits right in!


This simple jersey top is definitely on the list of my most worn items this year. It just goes with everything, as an underlayer or on its own, a definite wardrobe staple. It’s a self-drafted pattern.


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Again, a very old RTW polyester crepe shirt that’s been in my wardrobe for ages. I really enjoy wearing it now and again and since it was green, it made the cut into the capsule.


Very old pair of RTW jeans, that I’ve had for at least 7-8 years. They are ultra stretchy and very very comfortable. I usually wear my black skinny jeans much more, but it’s nice to have a bit of variety.

6| PINSTRIPE WOOL CULOTTES – Vintage Simplicity 3135

One of my all-time favourite handmade items, it was impossible not to include them in a winter (or spring-ish) selection. They always make me feel so put-together and yet comfortable.

7| OVERSIZED SHIRT DRESS – Sahara Shirt Dress by Ralph Pink (unblogged)

I don’t really know why this shirt never made the blog, but I’ve made it ages ago and it got loads of wear. It great because it can be worn on its own, layered over trousers or over a turtleneck. It was included because of its versatility.


Another wardrobe staple for the colder season. Because it’s made from ribbed polyester, it travels amazingly, does not wrinkle and it’s super comfortable and warm. So in it went into my capsule (and suitcase).


Again, one of my go-to pieces that has been in my wardrobe for donkey’s years. I have worn it in various combinations and it felt like it would be a good workhorse for this capsule. It’s perfect for layering and it also travels really well.


My first proper coat that I have been practically living in this winter. I was going to wear it anyway, but I decided to include it in the main part of the capsule, as one of colour block bits is a lovely dark green.


My favourite heel boots, super comfy for a more put together look.


My most worn piece of footwear, they are massively comfortable and I can walk a whole day sightseeing without any pain.

Whew, that was a long one! Thanks for sticking to the end.

Really looking forward to showing you the outfits that I made with these items! It was super good fun.




  1. BrummieDeb
    22 April 2019 / 1:37 AM

    When I was about 18, I bought 3 V-neck acrylic tops for £3-4 each. They get dragged out every spring and autumn, and I wash and wear them probably 15 times a year. They still look as good as new, and they still fit (-ish)! They have each had a couple of minor repairs. I am 53 years old, so I have worn these long-sleeve sweaters over 500 times each. I don’t do fast fashion!

    • sewrendipityalex
      25 April 2019 / 7:47 PM

      That’s such a great story! I do wish things lasted that long nowadays. I often have to part with things I love because they literally fall apart, especially shoes and bags.

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