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I’m Alex, a 35-year-old Romanian now living in West London with my British husband.

I started sewing in 2009 as a care-free self-taught, and it completely took over my life. As we all know, sewing is more addictive than crack cocaine, so once I got hooked, there was no turning back. More about my sewing journey here.
Since moving to London in 2010, I actually took some proper sewing lessons, corrected (most of) my bad habits and started making clothes that I could be truly proud of.
In 2014, I also applied, and got selected to be on Season 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee, and so I got to sew on the telly for a bit.

How did I start the blog?

After moving to London,  I learned that there is a whole world of sewing people out there. So, in 2014, I started this blog as my way of joining in the conversation with the fantastic online sewing community! Isn’t it nice to make (sewing) friends who don’t think you’re odd for spending the better part of the one sunny day a month (good ol’ English weather) cooped up in front of a sewing machine? And who know what a bias tape is and which is the business end of a seam ripper?

A bit more than just the sewing…

The blog also coincided with my starting to work in a clothing sustainability-related job, and me becoming more aware and interested in sustainable fashion.
Making my own clothes has been truly empowering, through both the knowledge to understand how clothes are made and what good quality looks like, but also because I could take charge of my clothing consumption. Since 1st Jan 2015, I make most of my own clothes (underwear, shoes and technical items excluded) and so I feel that I am making my very small contribution to saving the planet.
As a former shopping addict (I had over 90 pairs of shoes when I moved to London), I am not here to judge or preach. This is what works for me and I’m sure there is still loads I can do to make an even bigger difference – I have not even scratched the surface on curbing my fabric addiction (150 yards and counting). I guess the sum of one’s vices is always constant…

What to expect on the blog…

  • I post mostly about the clothes I sew – have a peek at my wardrobe here.
  • I also, from time to time, try to touch on sustainability topics, sharing things I’ve learned that I find interesting and think you might also.
  • I am very passionate about teaching people how to sew, so I love to share my experiences related to spreading the love for this fantastic craft and meeting other sewers.
  • A bit of organising is one of my pet topics, especially when it comes to the sewing rooms. So I have a few tips and tricks I picked up along the way.

I’d describe my style as…

… striving towards modern minimalist. I avoid florals – though a complete sucker for stripes and abstracts, and absolutely love block colours. I enjoy texture and love mixing different types of fabric: (p)leather and wools, chiffon and faux leather, lace and jersey, upholstery fabrics and whatever else. When in doubt, add faux leather sleeves on pretty much anything. I will sew with any kind of fabric, from Ikea blankets to saris, and get a special joy out of recovered materials (see saving the planet point above).

My style has evolved over the years I have been blogging, but one thing I can pretty much guarantee: there is not a shred of Liberty in sight, nor vintage or pin-up style (though I do love checking out a bit of Gertie from time to time).

A little bit more about me…

As it’s always nice to connect with people on various levels, here are a few of my non-sewing/blogging favourite things: my Kindle (reading mostly fantasy and Sci-Fi, but pretty much anything not about real life), cinema (Hello to Jason Isaacs!), pub quizzes (ultra rubbish at the music round), salsa (no worries, no sequins will ever make it on the blog) and F1 (though probably the worst driver in the world).

Anyhoo, great to virtually meet you and thank you for visiting Sewrendipity!

Before you go, how about…


This is a personal blog. The views and opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the people, institutions or organizations that I may or may not be related with unless stated explicitly.
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  1. Draga mea ma bucur sa vad ca ai ajuns o adevarata femeie de afaceri si iti urez numai bine si succes de acum incolo. Te pup.


    1. Multumesc, desi n-as spune chiar femeie de afaceri, ca inca lucrez la ‘patron’ :). Dar important e ca fac ce imi place si incerc sa salvez planeta cate putin, cate putin. Si mai si cos lucruri intre timp. Chiar ma gandeam zilele trecute la masina cu pedale a lui tanti Cosma si cum faceam noi elastice de par cand eram mici…


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