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Think #Smyly thoughts | Sewing Makes You Love Yourself Challenge 2018

January is such a navel-gazing month, isn’t it? All that goal setting, planning, resolution-ing just makes us analyse our feelings, habits, relationships, you name it. Well, this January, three brave ladies (Athina, Lisa and Hattie) have decided to put their stories out there and challenged the rest of us in the sewing community to do the same. Together they created the #smyly2018 challenge, which stands for Sewing Makes You Love Yourself. I think the clue is in the name, but in a nutshell, they are asking the sewing community to share their sewing stories, especially around how it helped us with issues of body positivity, mental health difficulties and dealing with tough situations with the help of our beloved hobby. The challenge also includes making a project that makes you feel beautiful and happy.

My January sewing queue is just insane, I have a lot of commitments and also a lot of plans that got postponed because of my sewing room revamp in late November and my loooong holiday in December. So there was no way I could take on another project to be able to take part in this challenge the proper way.

However, having read so many touching, sad, intimate, raw and emotional stories since the beginning of the challenge, I really wanted to give a shout out to all the people who already laid it all bare and spread the word on behalf of the organisers, as well as making my own small contribution.



Who is your #sewcialist inspiration?

Have you heard that the Sewcialists blog is back? The sewing blogging force of nature that is Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow has put together a team to revive it.

They have kicked it off in true sewcialist style with a challenge for August: Tribute month. Read all about it on the Sewcialist website here.


I’m going to GBSB Live, here’s a Discount Code for you too!

Hi guys! It’s my birthday today, so I’m taking the day off to stay home and sew. It’s my present to myself, and of course my lovely husband will take care of treating me as well. But I am generous like that, and I actually have a present for you as well.

The word came out earlier in the year that there will be a Great British Sewing Bee live show in September this year and I can now confirm I will also be taking part. I will be doing some demos and other activities yet to be revealed, along with my dear Bee friends. Paul from my series and Angeline, Joyce, Jamie, Tracey and Jade from series 4, as well as Tamara from series 2, are all doing workshops and you can book your place here.


Happy New Year 2017! And Happy 2 year bloggoversary!

Happy 02 Bloggoversary.png

Happy New Year, my lovely sewing and non-sewing friends! As I’m slowly recovering after the festivities, I am back on my laptop writing a new blog post, as there are so many more things still to get excited about!

A BIG BIG THANK YOU to all of you out there all over the world who took time to visit, read, comment, encourage, share opinions, advice and good spirit over the two years of Sewrendipity’s existence! I feel really privileged to be part of our amazing sewing community!


Things I’ve learnt in July

Things I've learned _Jul.jpg

Would you believe it? It’s only the 8th of August and I’m ready to publish the month round-up post! I’m getting the hang of this, folks!

After a really long travel to Chester to meet some of the Season 3 sewing bees for our annual reunion, I’m up and early to publish this at long last. We had the most amazing day mooching through Abakhan in Mostyn (Paul is a regular tutor and demonstrator there). I might have came back with a ginormous bag of fabric that I may or may not have where to store in my sewing room *blushes*. It’s always so great seeing my fellow sewing room veterans and we always have such a blast reminiscing and sharing sewing war stories.

I digress! Back to the round-up… July has been a very frustrating month! Loads of sewing, very little to show for and still haven’t finished my pink culottes or the second iteration of Gingers I started ages ago… I did finally finish the silk jacket for my mother in law, which pretty much took all my sewing time this month. And I made a really cool and funky dress for a collaboration which will be unveiled soon. But yeah, my head is still bursting with unsewn ideas and the summer is almost over, not that we got much of that as it was… *pulls hair*.


Things I’ve learnt in June

Things I've learned _Jun.png

Hello, darlings, how is summer treating you? As I hope you might have noticed, I’ve taken a bit of break from blogging, partially because I was on holidays for a few weeks, and partially because I came back so relaxed that I just could not gather the willpower to get back into my regular posting. But this one is long overdue, so I thought I’d better sort it out before it’s time for the July one.

Although you wouldn’t think it from my silence, June has been quite busy on the sewing front. I didn’t have much success of actually completing stuff, other than the jersey & lace top I posted about here, but I have learned some of the best tricks & techniques I ever came across. It is all thanks to the fabulous Sara Alm and her Craftsy classes, one of which I have reviewed here and the other one soon to come.


Things I’ve learnt in May

Things I've learned _may

So I’m a bit late again with these post, but I’m not giving up… By the end of the year, I’ll get back on track, somehow…

I still haven’t gotten over how quickly May has gone by. It’s like I blinked and I missed it… And unfortunately, not a lot of sewing got done either, so I will keep this one short and sweet, with only one point this month.

I have been making my second pair of Ginger Jeans in May (still not finished, let’s not talk about it). The first time around I had a lot of issues with the  topstitching thread and ended up using two strands of normal thread through the eye of the needle at the same time. Details here.


Why I’m not taking part in MMM’16

Post 81

I’ve been umming and errring about Me Made May 2016 quite a lot. I saw a lot of people make their pledges in the sewosphere and kept thinking I should do it too. I enjoyed taking part last year, but I also found it quite pressurising, especially the instagramming daily outfits part. I know this is not the point, but I felt that I should or otherwise it would not count.

So it’s May 1st today, I am visiting my family in Denmark and I have not worn a single me-made item, though I do have something in my suitcase. I think it was a bit out of protest, or being contrary.


Things I’ve learnt in March

Things I've learned _march (1).jpg

Hi everyone, how’ve you been?

As my little title picture might suggest, there is some sort of spring feeling, at least from an astronomical perspective, if not meteorologically just yet… Here’s hoping, though, especially now that we’ve changed to British summer time!

On the other hand, March has passed so quickly, and sadly, very little sewing has taken place in my atelier… So this post might end up being a bit more of a travel log than a sewing related round-up, but hope you’ll still find something to enjoy…

So here are some of the the highlights of this month.


Things I’ve learnt in February

Things I've learned

Hello sewosphere! Another month of 2016 has elapsed, albeit a shorter one this time. On the plus side, it’s maybe taking us a bit closer to spring, on the downside, I’m not feeling very optimistic with all the negative temperatures we’ve been experiencing since the beginning of March.

Hope you will forgive me for being a bit late with the monthly ‘learnings’ post for February, because of loads on travelling for sewing, family occasions and work. I’m actually writing this from Copenhagen, where I’m visiting my family to celebrate my mum’s birthday (a bit more on that below).

So, without further ado, here are the things I’ve learned in February…


An incredibly sad post

Dear sewing friends, I have just received some very heartbreaking news… My fellow Great British Sewing Bee Season 3 contestant and friend, the wonderfully talented, full of life, stylish and such an amazing lady, Lorna Monje, is no more. I am incredibly shocked and saddened and I feel the sewing community is now poorer for having lost such an amazing seamstress. We are a very close group, the GBSB 3 alumni, and it was so great seeing Lorna whenever she was available from her travels. Last night we were all united in celebrating Lorna and remembering her on and off the programme.


Things I’ve learnt in January

things I learnt Jan

1/12th of 2016 almost gone already… I know, time flies when you’re having fun! But it’s also scary and a bit sad. Today, while randomly looking for something completely different, I came across the ‘7 things I’ve learnt so far’ series on Writer’s Digest and it sparked an idea. What if instead of getting depressed that I have grown older (even if just by 30 more days), the last post of each month will celebrate all the things I’ve learnt lately? This will help to just remind myself that I have also grown a tiny bit wiser and celebrate the small ‘aha!’ moments and little everyday victories. I will mostly focus on sewing related things, but if there are other non-sewing related things worth mentioning, I’ll pop them in too.

So here we go for January…


Wardrobe Architect 2015 – How did that go? (+ the Bloggoversary giveaway winner)


This time last year I decided to join Colette’s Wardrobe Architect 2015 challenge, for a leaner, meaner, more streamlined capsule wardrobe. I also decided to bite the bullet and also embark on a ready to wear fast (i.e not buying ANY new clothes for a year – more details and rules a bit further down). And here’s the low down, lessons, insights and what happens next.


Me and my Bettine (or what happened at the #Sewathon2015)

Badger & Earl #Sewathon (2015) #04

As I was telling you about a few posts ago, on the 28th November, the lovely Charlotte and Sophie at Badger & Earl, a sewing cafe in Chiswick (West London), invited Elisalex from By Hand London, Rachel of House of Pinheiro, Jane from Handmade Jane and your truly to come for a fun day of social sewing in their shop. The brief was to choose a pattern they stock and fabric and make it there and then.


Let’s do this #Sewathon2015 thing!

Sewing gals and guys, cool things to tell you about happening this very Saturday! I was invited to take part in this exciting thing called the Sewathon at Badger & Earl, a lovely fabric shop, sewing school & sewing cafe in Chiswick.


I met Jane from Handmade Jane there a few times for coffee as we both live more or less in the area, and absolutely fell in love with this chic, yet cosy little craft place in West London. And when they asked me to come take part in the Sewathon, I didn’t even have to think about it. Not to mention the illustrious company in no particular order: Jane from Handmade Jane,  Elisalex from By Hand London and Rachel from House of Pinheiro. I mean, creme de la creme of the sewosphere (and little old me), what more can one ask for?



Sewing nightmares

Sewing nightmares

Hello sewosphere!

I’m turning to you for comfort as only you can begin to understand where I might be coming from with this one…

I had my first sewing nightmare last night… No, literally, a nightmare involving sewing… In almost 6 years since I first laid hands on a sewing machine, this is the first time I actually woke up screaming, sweating and gasping because of SEWING!! Over the years, I have had several very pleasant nocturnal encounters with amazing patterns and fabrics, which came together in perfect unison of craftsmanship and inspiration to make wonderful garments. I dreamt of new designs. I dreamt I was taking the measurements of various friends and family. But never, ever have I had a bad dream about sewing… GASP! And SOB!


Hey there pretty lady, what’s your name?

Pfaff Select 4.0

This weekend I only just avoided a tragedy. My beloved sewing machine, Hildi, has been suddenly taken ill and I was really worried she might have to go to hospital (aka, the sewing machine repair shop). I was even worried I might have to maybe *gasp* have to buy a new one… Fortunately, my knight in shining armour (my fiance Carl) took out his toolset and rode in to rescued the day! And by the time I had made myself a cup of tea to numb the pain and worry, he has fixed her… Obviously, it turned out not as terrible as I had thought, but still, I was really really upset, especially with the wedding dress project deadline looming (66 days left to go). But out comes the star screw driver (6 pointed star screws, who the heck does that!!) and it’s sorted, better than ever!


Trials and tribulations of my life on sewcial media

sewcial media

Hello sewing girls and boys! Tonight a bit of an opinions and debate piece, rather than sewing, but I hope you don’t mind too much. I’m not going to lie, this is partly because I have finally started to tinker with the wedding dress (very early days, not much to show for at the moment) and I haven’t finished any new projects, but also because I really wanted to share my woes.

So up until a year or so ago, i was sewing in my sewing room, all on my lonesome! Then I went through the wonderful (and a bit) scary experience of sewing on the telly in the Great British Sewing Bee and I realised there were so many sewing people out there and so many blogs, not to mention Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets. So after I recovered (took a few good months), I decided to take the plunge and start this blog, and I also created a Twitter and Instagram accounts – I know, I have been living under a rock! Then I started making friends, finding out about this and that inspirational blogger, indie pattern company, fabric shop, you name it…


Sewing for good with My Chance charity in Loughborough

loughborough 3

Hi gang, in case you were wondering if I fell off the face of the earth, the answer is no, here I am! Though this is not a me-made post (a few of those in the pipeline, coming soon), I hope you will allow me to share an experience that I enjoyed very much and which moved and left a strong impression on me.

Through various connection with which I won’t bore you now, I got in touch with My Chance, a charity in Loughborough, who was looking for a volunteer sewing tutor. Yes, I know, a bit far from home, but you will see it was all worth it. As you might have noticed, I love teaching sewing and I am jumping at any opportunity to run workshops or help people on a 1-2-1. So I was really keen to help, although it did take a bit of travelling on a bank holiday week-end (talk about travel hell…).


Spreading the love of sewing

Sew it with loveHey guys, I have some really exciting news to share with you today:


The lovely Elena from Sew it with Love studio in London Waterloo got in touch a few weeks ago and asked me if I would be interested in tutoring an Upcycling & Alteration class for her students. Now guys, I can’t explain how much I love teaching and how much I’ve always dreamt of one day teaching, and sewing of all things! I was so flattered she thought of me, but also so incredibly excited to be able to try out my dream for real.