If you’re a medium or long term reader of this blog, you might remember that in 2018, I got a sudden urge to record every single thing I wore every single day for a year. I called it One Year Wardrobe Count project. And I did it! However, one year was not the end of it, I was hooked! I improved the original spreadsheet, and continued on, starting Year 2 on 1st October 2019. I was really trying to do monthly blog post updates throughout the first year, but it proved quite unfeasible. Not the number crunching part as much…


Dear readers, this is the big day!! I have actually completed my One Year Wardrobe Count project at the end of September and the results are in! Of course, since this launched a year ago, you might not remember what I’m on about. In a nutshell, I decided a year ago to track EVERY SINGLE THING I WORE EVERY SINGLE DAY for a year! I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t an easy task, and I failed a few times (ok, more than a few times), but I have a lot of data collected and I’ve had a lot of…


You might remember from last year that I tried to start a blog series in which I styled one handmade item in 3 ways. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up being quite a series, with just one post, but I am looking to revive it today.

And what better candidate than perhaps my favourite make of the summer, Fibre Mood Mira?

Let’s check out how I styled Mira for work, play and comfort. Of course, you can apply these ideas to any similarly shaped dress, A-line with gathered tiers, to any other dress that you have in your wardrobe (handmade or RTW).


Hello, dearest readers, hope you are having a great summer so far! July was a bit of a blogging holiday for me, but looking forward to resuming regular scheduling. I have so many exciting news to share with you very soon, and so many summer outfits to show you in the next few posts. Whilst I have not been blogging loads, I sure have been wearing my me-made wardrobe with a vengeance! It definitely looks like I have more summer me-mades than winter or transition ones, as June and July almost felt like Me-Made-May! I can’t wait to share my…

Green 10 items capsule wardrobe outfits (10×10 challenge) | + April One Year Wardrobe Count Update

Dear readers, it’s May again and that time of the year when the sewing community is celebrating the self-made wardrobe. I’m not officially taking part this year, but it so happens that I still have a bit of sewn inspiration ready for you. At the end of March/beginning of April, I embarked on my minimalistic capsule exercises, and style a combination of 10 hand-made and RTW wardrobe staples in 10 different outfits. You can read more about it in this post. Today I’m sharing these outfits and will also do a quick update of the April Wardrobe count stats as…


Urgh, already mid April… On the plus side, we are definitely truly on our way to spring here in the UK. I am actually going to work and it’s light and it doesn’t get dark before I’m home either! It’s still not warm enough to start wearing lighter outfits, but I still have plenty of milage in the cold weather wardrobe. Allow me to demonstrate… in the March One Year Wear Count update. Plus, keep reading for a new capsule wardrobe exercise, with a suitably spring theme: the colour green! What you can expect in this post: The March numbers!…

Hand-made style | My favourite February outfits

You might be expecting a Wardrobe Count post, but I must plead Mea Culpa. I’ve been a bad blogger and counter in February (and most of January, to be honest). I was away for most of January on my wonderful Costa Rican adventure and I really stopped recording, but I did not get back on the wagon properly in February either. Bad Alex, no cookies!
However, I have continued to wear me-made outfits and had just as much fun getting creative with my wardrobe options. So I want to share a few of my favourite combinations from the month of February and I hope that even if I’m not entertaining you with geeky figures, I am still providing inspiration for your own handmade style choices.


I bet that you could not wait for January to arrive to get the latest updates on my One Year Wear Count project. Yeah, me either :)!  If you somehow missed the previous series here or the original ‘launch’ post here, the basic idea was that I write down everything I wear every single day for a year, in an attempt to understand what are my most worn items, but also as a way of slowly documenting my wardrobe by stealth.  So here we are with the December post looking at the patterns and wear stats for the Christmas month.…

One Year Wear Count Project | November Update

You might remember that in October I embarked on my epitome of wardrobe geekiness of a project, called One Year Wear Count project. The basic idea was that I wrote down everything I wore every single day for a year, in an attempt to understand what are my most worn items, but also as a way of slowly documenting my wardrobe by stealth.

I had quite a few interesting comments when I launched the projects (and thank you to all those of you who thought I am barking mad for not saying so!) so I think now it’s time, after two full months, to come back with an update. Strictly for statistical purposes, I will focus on November, but I will share some comparisons to September because I have the data, and I can’t stop myself from being a geek.

How to style pink culottes for autumn | 3 ideas for work, play and comfort

To me, a meaningful wardrobe means making items I love, crafted with care, that fit perfectly in the context of my wardrobe and that I reach for over and over again. Well, here is a garment that embodied all of that in a way that few of my me-mades do, and it’s darn comfortable. With pockets! And it’s bright pink! Nuff said!

I am launching a new series on the blog, called ‘How 2 Three’, and each month I will style one old, beloved me-made item in three different outfits, one for work, one for play (going out with friends, dates, etc) and one for comfort or chilling out.