I would love for you to get to know me better by reading the blog, but if you have some burning curiosities right here and now, here are a few of the questions I get asked the most.

What makes you qualified to talk about sustainable textiles?

I have been working in the sustainability department of a large company for the past 5 years, specialising in sustainable textiles, textile recycling, end of life for textiles and circular economy. I am really happy to be able to share my sustainability knowledge and experience with my readers and try to explain more complicated concepts in an easily digestible manner.

DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed on this blog are my own and in no way represent the views of the organisation I am currently associated with or have been associated in the past. 

Have you got a background in fashion or design?

No, I have actually studied Archive Sciences (my first job was in the National Archives of Romania), then I ended up working in IT for a while. I have always been passionate about the environment, and when I moved to the UK, I luckily got a chance to meld my passion for fashion, textiles and sewing meet with a job in sustainability.

How long have you been sewing?

I started sewing as a self-taught in 2009 but started taking proper sewing lessons in between 2011-2013. I have been sewing weekly since, and continue to learn through books, Craftsy courses, Youtube and sewing blogs.

What sewing machine do you use?

I have a Pfaff Select 4.0 (mechanical) and a Pfaff Passport 3.0. I also have a Babylock Enlighten overlocker (serger) and a Babylock coverlock machine.

Do you sew all your clothes?

Since 1st January 2015, I have stopped buying RTW clothes (except underwear, tights, socks and technical garments like hiking gear etc and shoes). However, I had a massive starting point, with a huge wardrobe that I am slowly curating down (it’s all going to friends and family, swishing and charity). But I have been making all my clothes ever since, as well as updating/upcycling/repairing older RTW garments.

What types of patterns do you use?

I don’t have a particular preference. I sew with Big 4, Indie patterns, Burda Magazines, and I self-draft a bit. I use paper of PDFs or traceable ones.

Can you teach me to sew?

Teaching beginners to sew is one of my favourite things in the world! I teach overlocking at Joy to Create in Hampshire every month and I also do 121 Intro to sewing sessions in my sewing studio in West London (or we can have a sewing party if you have a larger group and a venue). Drop me an email on alex@sewrendipity.com to discuss fees and other details.

What camera do you use?

I use a Fujifilm A-X3 (recently upgraded from A-X1). It’s a very easy to use camera that delivers good quality vs price ratio. I especially like the swivel screen, as it helps with taking pictures of myself with the remote/tripod. I am currently using a standard 16/50mm lens (kit lens) but I also have a zoom 50/230 mm lens. I am planning on buying a prime lens soon.

Who takes your pictures?

I take the majority of my images with a remote shutter and tripod, but my husband sometimes helps.

Where do you take your pictures?

Living in good old England, taking pictures outside 3/2 of the year is almost impossible, so I usually take pictures indoors, using a makeshift photo studio. I have a backdrop stand, softbox lighting kit and various backdrops. I also sometimes take pictures on my balcony. I love taking pictures outside, but it’s a bit more complicated, so usually, those are the ones my husband takes.

Do you use any software to edit your photos?

Yes, I usually shoot in RAW format and use Adobe Lightroom to edit them. I don’t really know Photoshop, so you can be very sure I don’t edit/airbrush myself in any way. I will, however, take out any background imperfections or distractions that would reduce the quality of the image.

Can I use photos from your site?

Boggers are welcome to use them for non-commercial purposes, but they must credit me and link back to the blog. All images are my own unless otherwise stated and I retain all copyright. My copyright details are in the metadata of all pictures, so there is always a way to find unauthorised usage.

If you would like to use them for other purposes, please get in touch to request permission at alex@sewrendipity.com.

How would you describe your style?

I’d describe my style as striving towards modern minimalist. I avoid florals and most prints – though I’m a complete sucker for stripes and some abstracts. I absolutely love block colours, especially red, navy, green and pink. I enjoy texture and love mixing different types of fabric: (p)leather and wools, chiffon and faux leather, lace and jersey, upholstery fabrics and whatever else. When in doubt, add faux leather sleeves on pretty much anything.

How can I get on the Great British Sewing Bee?

There are call-outs for new seasons when they are ready to begin filming, so keep an eye out on the BBC website, Love Production website or on sewing websites and magazine. There is no secret other than being yourself, being able to sew to a reasonable level (though when I was selected, I had only been sewing for a short while) and actually submitting an application.