Pfaff Collaboration

It’s absolutely no secret that I ADORE Pfaff sewing machines of all kinds and descriptions. Ever since I got to play with my first sewing teacher’s machine, a very old Pfaff with IDT, there was no looking back. You can read all about my Pfaff sewing BFF, Hildi (as in Brumhilde) in this old blog post.

So when I got the opportunity to become a UK Pfaff Ambassador, I absolutely jumped at the chance! Pfaff is perhaps not as well know in the UK as its worldwide reputation and quality would warrant, and that’s a real shame. So I am so excited at the opportunity to spread the word and perhaps getting more and more sewists hooked to these amazing machines.

As part of my collaboration with Pfaff, I was offered a Coverlock 3.0 on loan to try out, review and talk about. I also have a Pfaff Select 4.0 that I got in 2013 on my own, which I can’t stop recommending. This model has now been replaced by Select 4.2, but they have very similar features, the most important of which Pfaff’s unique IDT (Integrated Dual Transporter) system. IDT is really one of a kind and that’s why for me there is no going back to a machine without it.

Here’s my beloved Pfaff pair in my new shiny sewing room. Don’t they looks so happy in the sunshine?

Pfaff Select 4.0 Pfaff Coverlocker 3.0

I will also produce projects to be used on Pfaff UK’s social media outlets, like their Facebook page. You might even find me doing demos here and there in Pfaff dealerships.

And I am also here to answer any questions on how to use the Coverlock and the sewing machine, so do ask away!

Happy sewing!


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  1. I’ve had my Pfaff machine for 35 years and it is still brilliant! The technology is basic but it does everything I need for dressmaking and soft furnishings and I love it.

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