A-line dress

New old dress with an oversized collar – McCalls 6465

McCall 6465 What’s new and exciting, boys and girls? I do wonder how many of us got near a sewing machine this week (warmest day in the UK in a very long time). I am one to ditch a summer day no matter how nice the weather if I have a project in mind. I have a few things on the got at the moment, but for tonight, let’s chat about this little dress that it’s actually quite old (2013), but I decided to revamp for a very practical reason: the facings kept coming out when I wore it and it really annoyed me. (more…)


[Refashion] I had a jumper. Now I have a dress. And a skirt.

Jumper Refashion Dress Header

I must confess, I’m in a pretty bad sew-jo slump at the moment. I mean, I still love sewing, and I still am thinking about new projects all the time. It’s just that everything I touch lately turns into dust, or in this case, rubbish bin fodder. Maybe because I get so little sewing time as my sewing room has found an alternative use as a study room for my ever so clever fiance who is working on his ever so complicated masters degree. And when I do, I am so desperate to get something completeted that I end up rushing, not thinking before I cut and in general being very gung-ho about my projects. The quality suffers and I get frustrated. Not good at all for perfectionists…