For the love of scuba, I’ve turned copycat


Hey gang, please allow me to introduce the first garment I’ve ever made which was copied after a RTW item I already own. Plus, it’s my first ever scuba project (yes, quite late to join the bandwagon, I know). (more…)


Rescued from the scrap pile – Panelled bodycon dress

Burda 02/2012#117A

Spring is here, hurray, hurray! I’m sat in the courtyard of a wonderful decrepit historic mansion in Bucharest, now a cool bar, looking at hip young things rummaging through endless rails in a now famous yard sale. A friend of mine has been organising it since two years now. Let me tell you, retail fast is so hard to maintain when there are lovely bargains to be had. More about this in a future post.

But I digress…

What I actually wanted to tell you about in this post is another March make that I only got a chance to photograph last week. And tough spring is here, I was not brave enough to suffer for my art and actually take pictures outside. So indoor living room studio it is…