Pretty Bees with cherries on top

Post 83

Hi guys, what glorious weather we’ve been having! And to make everything even better, the Great British Sewing Bee is coming back on the 16th of May! That is why I have interrupted the regular scheduling (a post on my wool pin striped culotte) with a Sewing Bee related summer dress that I got to go to the park and take pics of without accessorising it with purple lips and gooseflesh.



[Sustainable Tuesdays] Not all cotton is made alike

Is all cotton made alike?

Welcome back to my fortnightly Sustainable Tuesdays series. Today, I’m covering cotton, a material that is as ubiquitous as it is taken for granted. But is all cotton made alike?

When we buy cotton garments or fabric with a certain content of cotton, we don’t usually give too much thought to what that actually means. I mean, it’s more important to ensure the content of cotton vs. man made fibres, the design of the fabric or the garment, the drape or the fit. Some manufacturers will highlight such qualities as organic, Better Cotton, or Fairtrade. But what do those claims actually mean and how do they compare against conventional cotton?