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Slick jumpsuit for July – Simplicity 2401

Simplicity 2401

Thank you all so much for your comments on my previous post. I took all your advice and chilled out from my online sewcial life for a while and also spent my time sewing rather than reading about sewing. Or blogging for that matter. But there was only so much hiatus I could take without feeling guilty, so here I am back in the blogging saddle…

I have a new summer project to show you, although I absolutely froze my behind on my balcony while taking the pictures… What the what, Great British Summer??!!!! I actually finished this on Saturday, but we were in a hurry to go see our friends and didn’t get a chance to take pictures, Then yesterday it was tipping it down in London, so I hurried home from work tonight to hopefully catch some light, otherwise this post would never happen.