Hand-made style | My favourite February outfits

You might be expecting a Wardrobe Count post, but I must plead Mea Culpa. I’ve been a bad blogger and counter in February (and most of January, to be honest). I was away for most of January on my wonderful Costa Rican adventure and I really stopped recording, but I did not get back on the wagon properly in February either. Bad Alex, no cookies!
However, I have continued to wear me-made outfits and had just as much fun getting creative with my wardrobe options. So I want to share a few of my favourite combinations from the month of February and I hope that even if I’m not entertaining you with geeky figures, I am still providing inspiration for your own handmade style choices.

How to style a grey-based capsule wardrobe | Late Summer 10×10 Challenge Outfits

Yes, I know you have your doubts, but grey is a colour too and in the right combination, it can actually become an accent colour in itself, not just a neutral. 

I like a lot of black and white and reds, navies and now grey. And I really like pushing myself to create outfits within the confines of themes.

Usually, when doing capsules (this is my 4th this year), the difficulty is making pieces work together, especially if you have prints or loads of colours. For this one, I had the opposite problem. How can I make things look interesting with just three colours to work with and all three neutrals to boot. I did get a bit of help from my trusty red accessories (scarf and earrings), but I also made things harder by only using two pairs of shoes, black and silver.

I am looking forward to showing you what I ended up with and of course,  to hear what you think.

Spring 10×10 Challenge | Outfits & Recap

I can’t tell if the Style Bee Spring 10×10 challenge whizzed by because I enjoyed it so much or because it made getting dressed in the mornings so much easier, or both. In any case, the fact is that it’s already over. But the good news is that I have a lot of outfits to share with you as well as my thoughts and conclusions. What to expect in this post: A rundown of all my 10 outfits How did I do against my goals What I loved and what I did not enjoy about the challenge, as a first-time participant…