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[Sustainable Tuesdays] On thrift and preloved clothes in Malaysia – Interview with Thrift on Wheels!

Thrift on Wheels

Hello sustainability-loving girls and boys! Today’s post is actually my first interview since I started the blog. It came about when I was doing my research on second hand clothes and Syakirin & Athirah, the lovely sisters at Thrift on Wheels! commented on my post. I was really impressed that I got readers from Malaysia and started the conversation. I found what they are doing so interesting and inspiring, and I thought you might as well. Enjoy! (more…)


[Sustainable Tuesdays] First hand natter about second hand clothes (part 2)

Picture1Hey gang, I’m back with stats in the form of graphs and such as I was promising two weeks ago. If you are not keen, run now, you have been warned! But I still think it would be cool to tell you what my dearest readers and our fellow sewist and or green/thrift fans think about this matter.