Sewing room organising

Tip for organising your rulers and pattern makers

How to

Today I wanted to share another little organising tip for your sewing room. Since I started sewing almost 7 years ago, I have managed to gather quite a few quilting rulers and pattern makers and when I was organising my sewing room, I had to come up with a solution to keep them tidy and accessible.




Fabric organising on comic book cardboard

Comic book card fabric organising

Heya sewing girls and boys! It’s been a sad few weeks for me, as Hildi (my sewing machine), finally had to go into the hospital, a.k.a the repair shop. Although Carl was very helpful and fixed the immediate symptoms, I soon realised that probably the issues ran deeper and I’d better get a specialist to look at her. The clanking noise she was making sure sounded unhealthy.

But… all is well that ends well, and I managed to take her in, as well as another old Pfaff I had rescued a while ago, which was also not working. The shop I got her from, the Battersea Sewing Centre, is really really out of my way, but Chris is so so fantastic that I can’t imagine going anywhere else. So in she went on last Wednesday and I was supposed to pick her up yesterday, but other obligations came along, so I won’t have her back until next Thursday :(. On the plus side, it wasn’t anything too dramatic, just the needle timing that needed re-sync’ed and the hook bar reset. Plus she also got a nice service, which is not a bad thing after 2 years of intense using. Plus the old Pfaff was also fixed, so now I have a spare. Also, my old sewing machine which I had lent to my friend in Romania who wanted to start sewing and never did, got sent back on an emergency delivery. So now I’m effectively looking at a bundle (pack, herd, gaggle, ostentation???) of sewing equipment, which comprises of 3 sewing machines and 2 overlocker (my old Brother 1034D and the Pfaff Coverlock 3.0 that I have on loan from Pfaff). I mean, wow! Good thing I sorted out my sewing space to make more surface room :).

So, the question is: what do you do when your machine is not available?