Sheath dress

Green Rib Sheath Dress | Burda Style 11/2015 #114

As I was planning this post, I was thinking that yet again, I am being very weather inappropriate. This is because of course I’m behind on my blog pictures and did not post this when I actually made it. Then again, what’s new? However, when I stepped outside to take the pictures it felt well suitable, it’s really nippy in London. So, let’s pretend we’re in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s autumn rather than summer.



The Phoenix sheath dress

Scuba Sheath Dress
Remember I keep talking about this teal scuba fabric? I made culottes out of it here and then I was telling you about how I decided to fix them and they ended up in pieces here? Well, this is the same fabric that rose like a Phoenix from the scrap basket to become a pretty wearable dress, even if I do say so myself…