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[Sustainable Tuesdays] Splitting hairs: cashmere, angora, mohair


Welcome back to my Sustainable Tuesdays series, it’s been a while… Hope you missed it :).

We talked about types of wool a while ago and the sustainability and ethic aspects related to it. But not all that is warm, wooly and cosy is actually wool. There are a few other animal fibres that can be knitted or woven into lovely cloth that are not technically categorised as wool, but they are actually the hair various animals, from rabbits, to goats, lamas and alpacas.



[Sustainable Tuesdays] Spinning yarn and talking sustainable wool

Sustainable Tuesdays - Wool
Welcome back to my fortnightly Sustainable Tuesdays series, episode 4 already!

We talked cotton the last time, but now I wanted to have a look at wool and discuss sustainability and ethic aspects related to it. Wool used to be one of the most common materials, but with the advent of synthetic fibres and the omni presence of cotton, both the world-wide production and consumption (at least for apparel) has decreased. However, we still like a lovely warm woollen jumper or a merino coat, and sewing with wool fabrics is great, isn’t it? Although in general wool is considered a more sustainable fibre or fabric, there are a few things you need to know so you can make informed decisions.


[Sustainable Tuesdays] Not all cotton is made alike

Is all cotton made alike?

Welcome back to my fortnightly Sustainable Tuesdays series. Today, I’m covering cotton, a material that is as ubiquitous as it is taken for granted. But is all cotton made alike?

When we buy cotton garments or fabric with a certain content of cotton, we don’t usually give too much thought to what that actually means. I mean, it’s more important to ensure the content of cotton vs. man made fibres, the design of the fabric or the garment, the drape or the fit. Some manufacturers will highlight such qualities as organic, Better Cotton, or Fairtrade. But what do those claims actually mean and how do they compare against conventional cotton?


[Sustainable Tuesdays] Three unusual sustainable fabrics

3 Unusual sustainable fabrics

Welcome to my newly created (as in just now) ‘Sustainable Tuesdays’ posts (only because the first one happened to be posted on a Tuesday, so I thought I keep with this day of the week). The aim of the series is to share my discoveries in the space of sustainable fashion and to inform and inspire other sewers to join me on this journey.

In today’s post, I’m showcasing three sustainable fabrics that I for one never imagined could be actually made into garments. Unfortunately, some of them are not readily available in the UK, but if you’re travelling through more exotic parts of the world, you might come across them and increase your sustainable fashion stash.