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[Sustainable Tuesdays] Three unusual sustainable fabrics

3 Unusual sustainable fabrics

Welcome to my newly created (as in just now) ‘Sustainable Tuesdays’ posts (only because the first one happened to be posted on a Tuesday, so I thought I keep with this day of the week). The aim of the series is to share my discoveries in the space of sustainable fashion and to inform and inspire other sewers to join me on this journey.

In today’s post, I’m showcasing three sustainable fabrics that I for one never imagined could be actually made into garments. Unfortunately, some of them are not readily available in the UK, but if you’re travelling through more exotic parts of the world, you might come across them and increase your sustainable fashion stash.



[Sustainable Tuesdays] Ethical fashion vs. sustainable fashion: what is the difference?



I’m starting the ‘good fashion’ side of  Sewrendipity with a link to a very interesting Sustainable Fashion blog by the Yarina (@theyarina on Twitter). Here’s a post that delivers a great comparison of sustainable fashion vs ethical fashion, while demystifying both concepts.