Wardrobe Architect 2015 – How did that go? (+ the Bloggoversary giveaway winner)


This time last year I decided to join Colette’s Wardrobe Architect 2015 challenge, for a leaner, meaner, more streamlined capsule wardrobe. I also decided to bite the bullet and also embark on a ready to wear fast (i.e not buying ANY new clothes for a year – more details and rules a bit further down). And here’s the low down, lessons, insights and what happens next.



Wardrobe Architect 2015 Challenge – March Round-up


Image source: Coletterie

A bit late for the monthly round-up (we’re already four days into April), but I have a good excuse: I’m sitting in the sun as I write, in a very unexpected place, Denmark (visiting my family for Easter). As I left the UK, I had zero expectations on the weather front, but I’m sitting on the sun deck and it’s so gorgeously warm and sunny, it makes up for all my vitamin D deficiency accumulated throughout the winter. So, what better setting to think about the spring/summer wardrobe?


Wardrobe Architect 2015 Challenge – February Round-up and other bits

The good news is that it’s March and we’re closer to Spring and there is a bit more sun to go round and cheer us up. The bad news is that February is gone already and I can hardly imagine what I’ve done with it… So I had to sit down and have a think, and I might as well write it down too… (more…)

Wardrobe Architect 2015 Challenge – January Round-up

Wardrobe Challenge 2015 - January

Wow, this month passed so quickly, I feel like I was just recovering after the Christmas holidays and now it’s end of January already. I’ve been writing this post in various guises ever since I signed up for the Colleterie Wardrobe Architect challenge, but somehow, I just never ended up polishing it enough to publish it. So, the end of the month, and the fact that Kristen already posted her outcomes, really shifted my behind into gear. So here goes…



Wardrobe Architect – 2015 Challenge

Talk about serendipity, I was just preparing a post about my going off shopping retail for the entire 2015, when this awesome post from Coletterie pops into my inbox. What can be better than a fast-fashion diet??? A fast fashion diet while sewing lovely hand-made clothes and identifying your personal style at the same time!! Amen to that! I’m in, I’m in!