New old dress with an oversized collar – McCalls 6465

McCall 6465 What’s new and exciting, boys and girls? I do wonder how many of us got near a sewing machine this week (warmest day in the UK in a very long time). I am one to ditch a summer day no matter how nice the weather if I have a project in mind. I have a few things on the got at the moment, but for tonight, let’s chat about this little dress that it’s actually quite old (2013), but I decided to revamp for a very practical reason: the facings kept coming out when I wore it and it really annoyed me.

McCall 6465

So when I found a piece of the same fabric, I decided to take the facings out and add an oversized collar for effect and also to finish the neckline in a different way. Also, for the first time ever, I have convinced my OH to take some pictures outside, so you don’t get bored with my balcony, no matter how lovely and lush it is. So, this is what we started with:

It’s a very simple A line dress, that is actually made to look really interesting by this amazing line print fabric. This this the pattern: I chose option B, with A line skirt and short sleeves, but without the contrasting bad at the bottom.

I cut out size 10, but that was before I had figured out to look at the finished measurements on the pattern and ended up having a lot of trouble with it, seeing that I was being too clever for my own good (as per usual).

The fabric I got while on holidays in Thailand in 2012 and it was love at fist sight. It really isn’t anything special, just some poly peach skin crepe which crinkles more than it should really. But the print is just amazing and it really needed a simple shape to showcase it better.

McCall 6465

The construction should have been the easiest thing, 2-3 hours top, right? Wrong! This was a ridiculous pain in the bum, I’m telling you. And ok, I was not that experienced a seamstress at the time I made it, buy boy, did I struggle with the fit or what! I moved the bust dart a few times to get it right, I took in the side seams only to realise that it ended up too tight, so I had to unpick and let it out again. This one really made me think of ‘famous last words’ when I was telling my then boyfriend, now fiance, ‘it’s just going to be a quick one” :). What I’ve learned is to look at the finished measurements and tissue try the pattern before it cut it out!!

McCall 6465

The refresh: as I mentioned, although I wore this dress many a times (you might even spot it on my profile pic on Twitter and Instagram), I always was really annoyed about the back facing coming out at the worst moments. So the other day I found a small fabric scrap and had the idea to take out the facings and put in a collar instead.McCall 6465

I self drafted it, and it’s basically a long strip of fabric with angled edges. I interfaced both sides and made a collar as perusual. I then attached it to the neckline, right side to right side. As the collar didn’t go all the way round, I had to finish the part that was not attached the to the collar with bias binding.

McCall 6465

I really like the ‘wings’ on the back.

McCall 6465

So here we are, a quick fix that turned out really good fun!

Happy sewing and have a great week!



  1. Sorry, I’m new to sewing, but I am getting this pattern and reading reviews. What do you mean by the back facing “coming out” at various times?

    Also – This is such a nice variation! You made it look totally different and really much more fashionable than the original 🙂


    1. Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by!! The pattern has facings to finish the neckline neatly. I found that they tend to come towards the outside of the garment (I.e flipping out instead of staying in where itNs supposed to), which is annoying. So if I were to do it again, I’d finish the neckline with bias binding, shop bought would do, or you can make your own. Hope this helps, but let me know if I can support with anything else.


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