Designer Stories | Kim Collins from Ann Normandy Design

Readers, hold on to your patterns, a new series is coming up on the blog! I don’t know about you, but I am always super curious to know who is behind a brand that I love, above and beyond the marketing and social media posts! I want to learn more about the person who founded a brand of patterns I love and how they came to be.

So I came up with an idea for a series of interviews with indie sewing pattern designers, that will dive deeper into their personalities, what drives them and of course, what do they think about sustainability in the sewing community. I hope that a more personal connection with incredibly creative people in our community will also shine a spotlight on perhaps lesser know patterns, but equally amazing, and you might want to try them too!

The format is very simple. I ask my interviewees 10 questions on themselves, their brand and of course, sustainability and post their answers on the blog. I will also offer up the upcoming list of designers (coming soon!) so you can also send me your questions. I will add the best ones to the Q&A.

As the ice-breaker, I interviewed Kim from Ann Normandy Design, as I was in the process of making the maxi dress from their collection for my Costa Rica trip (stay tuned for the reveal soon). It was really great speaking to Kim about life and lovely vintage linen and I hope you will enjoy our ‘chat’ too.


I bet that you could not wait for January to arrive to get the latest updates on my One Year Wear Count project. Yeah, me either :)! 

If you somehow missed the previous series here or the original ‘launch’ post here, the basic idea was that I write down everything I wear every single day for a year, in an attempt to understand what are my most worn items, but also as a way of slowly documenting my wardrobe by stealth. 
So here we are with the December post looking at the patterns and wear stats for the Christmas month. It’s the party month by excellence, as well as stay-at-home-and-eat time, so I am really curious about how it compares with a very normal month.

18 Backwards –> 19 Forwards |+ Giveaway for my 4 years blogoversary

Happy new year, dear readers! I have been incredibly chilled (aka lazybones) this festive period and decided to procrastinate my way to January 2nd for the customary looking back/ planning forward post. I was re-reading the one from last year which was also posted in early January and I quite enjoyed it. The world did not end because I was late, so I’m cutting myself some slack again. Though I have an inkling feeling I should be doing something about that procrastination habit… Maybe… later… Anyway, here we are, early January 2019, how did that happen? I mean, other than eating and…

Waxed canvas bag | Niizo bag kit review

I am definitely not a bag person. By that, I mean someone who has a massive bag collection and rotates them all the time, the right bag for the right shoes and so on. In fact, I am quite the opposite. The function is more important than anything else, and when I find that one perfect bag that I can use every day, I pretty much stick to it until it falls apart. I usually try to buy leather bags that I know will last a very long time, quite big totes with loads of pockets that in a pinch…

Baby Lock Enlighten | Overlocker Review

A few weekends ago, my friend Kate from Time to Sew came over to mine for an afternoon of sewing fun. She had a jersey project for her son and wanted to use my overlocker, which happens to be a Baby Lock Enlighten. After a year and a bit of owning it, although it’s great, I became quite blase about. But when I saw her amazement at how perfect every stitch is every time, I realised how lucky I am to be the owner of such a fab machine. So, I decided it’s the time to share my impressions of…

One Year Wear Count Project | November Update

You might remember that in October I embarked on my epitome of wardrobe geekiness of a project, called One Year Wear Count project. The basic idea was that I wrote down everything I wore every single day for a year, in an attempt to understand what are my most worn items, but also as a way of slowly documenting my wardrobe by stealth.

I had quite a few interesting comments when I launched the projects (and thank you to all those of you who thought I am barking mad for not saying so!) so I think now it’s time, after two full months, to come back with an update. Strictly for statistical purposes, I will focus on November, but I will share some comparisons to September because I have the data, and I can’t stop myself from being a geek.

Boycott or Buycott? | Let’s debate as we try to survive Black Friday

Yes, that time of the year it’s upon us. And lo and behold, it’s turning from one day into a whole season of discount and general unbridled deal-ramming down our throats. Yes, that includes the sewing community, I have already seen discount codes popping in my Instagram feeds or in my inbox.
So, as a minimalist and a sustainability-minded person, this is probably the time of the year where I get riled up and I just can’t keep it all in either. And it’s now making its way on my blog as well.

Oversized colour block coat | I Am Patterns Artemis

Without a doubt, this autumn has been the season of coat making. They say that you can never escape that which you most fear and the coat curse has hit me with a vengeance. But no worries, it was all for the best. I do feel that two (albeit imperfect) attempts later, I have now conquered this fear and I am almost ready for new challenges. However, there are only so many coats a girl can have in her wardrobe, so I might just have to curb my enthusiasm and save some coat-making mojo for spring and such!

SEWING PROJECTS FOR A ZERO-WASTE LIFE | Sewing vs waste in the bathroom

Back in September, during Zero Waste Month, I wrote a post about how we can put our sewing skills to good use towards a more sustainable lifestyle. I had so many ideas for that post that I had to leave out a few for a follow-up and guess what, now’s the time for that!

Single-use plastics continues to be the topic du jour, especially since the European Parliament has recently passed on legislation to ban plastic plates, cutlery, straws and cotton buds by 2021. In the previous post, we talked about why the big 4s of single-use plastics (bags, bottles, cutlery, straws + added bonus of coffee cups), and how we can tackle them using our sewing skills. But there are more things we can do with our sewing machines + fabric to cut out on single-use items from our lives and benefit the environment.

DIY tailored wool and pleather vest with ties | Simplicity 8217

Last week I was telling you about my epic fail coat making attempt, that ended up as a cardigan and vest instead. I was also advising everyone to acknowledge their sewing fails and stop brushing the less than perfect garments under the carpet. Well, the time has come to put my blog posts where my mouth is and take my own advice.

So, I am posting about the very same project that made me pull my hair out, but which I made myself finally complete, with debatable results. Having said that, it’s kinda growing on me, having worn it a few times. But probably not the best piece I ever made…

But I’ll tell you the story in all its gory details and let you judge for yourself.


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