Slick jumpsuit for July – Simplicity 2401

Simplicity 2401

Thank you all so much for your comments on my previous post. I took all your advice and chilled out from my online sewcial life for a while and also spent my time sewing rather than reading about sewing. Or blogging for that matter. But there was only so much hiatus I could take without feeling guilty, so here I am back in the blogging saddle…

I have a new summer project to show you, although I absolutely froze my behind on my balcony while taking the pictures… What the what, Great British Summer??!!!! I actually finished this on Saturday, but we were in a hurry to go see our friends and didn’t get a chance to take pictures, Then yesterday it was tipping it down in London, so I hurried home from work tonight to hopefully catch some light, otherwise this post would never happen.

Right, so back to the jumpsuit… I’ve been speaking quite a lot about the Jumping into June challenge by Chris. This is a bit of delayed post for the actual event, but I like big jumpsuits and I cannot lie, nor can I stop making them. Although I was hoping this make will go easier than it actually did (it was quite close to ending in the UFO pile), I’m pretty happy with the end result, it’s quite comfy and elegant. Another good addition to my tropical honeymoon wardrobe. The hotel we’re going to be staying has a formal dinner rule, so I can see myself sashaying in this little number into the tropical night… Uf, only 72 days till take off, but who’s counting :D…

Simplicity 2401

I’ve used Simplicity 2401, view C, minus the belt. I only just noticed it’s out of print, which made me realise how long it’s been sat in my pattern collection, as I did buy it new to begin with…

Looking at the finished measurements, I cut a size 14, but really should have cut a 10, I ended up taking it in loads at centre back of the trousers and at the side seam of the bodice. I thing I can still tale out a good half inch either side. Will keep in mind for a potential next time… I made my regular alterations to the bottoms, increasing the back crotch length by about 2 cms. but When I joined it to the bodice, I realised that I needed to take out 1.5 cm out of the back and 2.5 out of the front, as the crotch was hanging waaay to low in the front and there was a bit of pooling in the back. It ended up being a bit shorter that I would have liked it, and I only did an overlocked/turned hem to take up as little as possible.

Simplicity 2401

I also skipped the pockets, as the instructions for adding side pockets with side invisible zipper were just beyond me and I just wanted to finish the project already by that point (after about 3 failed attempts). I wouldn’t say it’s an easy peasy project, especially at the first attempt and I do feel it took longer than I expected.

I think this would work really nicely in a fabric with more drape, maybe even a jersey. I used a sort if a satin-y poly fabric I picked up at the closing down sale of Fara Workshop back in February. The fabric is really heavy, quite slippery and slinky, but it sews really nicely. I only had trouble pressing the seams, it really needed a lot of heat for the seam allowances to stay pressed. I initially wanted to make some high waist trousers out of it, I even cut out the pattern from Elisa M, but ended up reusing that for this pattern instead. The downside is that all the lumps and bumps really show, so I have to make sure I sit straight and suck in the undesirables when I’m wearing it :).

There are a few cute details: the V-neck halter bodice.

Simplicity 2401

The elasticated back:

Simplicity 2401

I feel really glad this is finally completed and I can move on to another project. And in case you were wondeing, wedding dress is also sort of progressing, I have unpicked the old dress and tinkering with various patterns to get the shape I want for the bodice. Updates coming soon.

Simplicity 2401

Until then, happy sewing and hope you’re keeping warm. My friend Annie who lives in Scotland just sent me a pic with their open log fire. Way to go July!!



  1. Its a beautiful fit! I think you were right to leave out the pockets – they would have ruined the design lines. A triumph!👏👏👏


    1. Thank you Hila! It’s not bad this pattern, though I’m sure the second time around it would go quicker. I spent an evening sorting out those pockets and then I gave up and unpicked them. Glad you think that was a good idea too! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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