Tip for organising your sewing machine needles

Pro Tip (1)

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit of a compulsive organiser. I do love to have everything a nice neat box, or several, and to be able to get to what I’m looking for as easily as possible.

Last year, I reorganised my sewing room and put all my haberdashery into a divider box. However, as time went by, I realised that this is not the best solution for items that I need to use very often, especially for my sewing machine needles. It really annoyed me to dig under the table, open the box, close the box etc. So I have been looking for options for this and came across a brilliantly simple idea: PILL BOX DISPENSERS.

Machine Needles #02

I did a bit of research trying to find the ones with the most suitable size, that will fit a standard Schmetz sewing needle box (that’s the brand I mostly buy). This is a jumbo seven days pill organiser, that I bought for less than £2 from Amazon. They fit absolutely perfectly and one compartment will take up to 6-7 needle boxes.

Two boxes were enough for all my needle categories, including all Universal available thicknesses. I even have a few spare compartments.

Machine Needles #04

By using stick-on labels, I know what’s where, and because the boxes are clear, I can easily see the ‘stock’ and when I need to reorder the next batch. I just have them on a shelf near my swing machine and we’re in business.

How do you store your sewing machine needles?



  1. Thanks Alex, I am currently organising my sewing room and this is a great solution for needles. I have ordered my boxes :).


  2. Thanks for passing this info on Alex. That is exactly what I need. I think I’ll get some for my sewing machine feet too.


  3. Great idea! I have all of mine in a small three drawer plastic unit, but they are alway jumbled together. I still have to go through them to find what I’m looking for. This is a lot easier! Any ideas for making my sewing room more stream-lined is something I want to do. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I used to have them like that, but this feels easier to find the exact size I need and quickly. I did get a small drawer Very Useful Box unit just now, so I’m reverting to that for other bits and bobs. Please share if you pick up any more tips!


  4. Good idea! I have a similar setup for my sewing machine feet that fit in the little box! Easier to find them!


  5. WOW this was a brilliant solution! I have my needles still in their cases as you’ve shown above but sadly they are all randomly pitched around in a drawer and I have to pick up several cases before I FINALLY find the one I’m looking for and honestly have no clue whether I have enough of one or another. I’m going to order those cases right away! Thank you for this help 🙂


  6. Well this is a very good idea! They’re probably handy for other little bits and bobs too! I don’t know where half my needle packs are… They’re in such a jumble!!


  7. That’s very clever! I have to admit, I chuck all my sewing needles in the same compartment in my notions box and (but pst, don’t tell anybody) I’ve even been known to put a used needle back in the WRONG box..


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