Tip for organising your rulers and pattern makers

How to

Today I wanted to share another little organising tip for your sewing room. Since I started sewing almost 7 years ago, I have managed to gather quite a few quilting rulers and pattern makers and when I was organising my sewing room, I had to come up with a solution to keep them tidy and accessible.


Rulers organising (2016) #01

This is a rail screwed underneath my cutting table, onto which I hung my rulers with boot clips.

Rulers organising (2016) #07.jpg

The rail is a Bygel kitchen rail from Ikea (£2) and the boot clips I got given from a work colleague, but very similar ones are available from also from Ikea, they are called Enudden, also £2/pair, or on eBay.

I use one clip for each ruler and hang them individually, so I can have easy access to the one I need when I need it. Because of the rubber, the rulers stay on securely.

Another option is to use the Bygel S hooks (£1.5 from Ikea) and regular stationery bulldog clips.

Rulers organising (2016) #09

I also use the same rail to store my pattern papers, freezer paper, tissue copy papers, etc. I have them all tidy in a Variera waste bin (£3 from Ikea), which I hung on the same S hooks. This is a really need solution for storing other longer items as well (like wrapping paper rolls for example). Just be aware that you will have to enlarge the holes of the basket with a drill, as the hooks don’t fit into the default ones.

Rulers organising (2016) #11.jpg


So this is my solution. How do you store yours?


Have a great week!

Alex x



  1. Waw! You are so organised! The ones that have a little hole at one end I tend to hand them on a nail I put into the side of one of my shelves. Might steal the idea of using the clips to hang the ones that don’t that a hole!


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