Happy holidays, sewosphere! A bit after the fact, but I hope you had the loveliest time, got the best pressies and generally merrily indulged in great food, drink and laziness. I myself just emerged from food coma after 3 days of eating, watching just about every cartoon under the sun and generally doing nothing. I even did a bit of sewing, or rather mending and tweaking existing projects last night and finally got a chance to take pictures for a second to last blog post in 2015. Last one coming on Thursday, and it will be a festive one, seeing…

Queue-jumping sparkly jumpsuit

Hello sewosphere, feeling Christmasy? I have been accused several times this week of being the Grinch – my husband even suggested I use some of the green paint from my Wicked Halloween costume to fit the part better :). So this is definitely not going to be in the spirit, although there is a bit of sparkle to be had. This year I made two jumpsuits (a halter neck here and a culottes suit here), plus two playsuits (a beach-y one here and a silky one here). I clearly took that Jumping into June challenge serious. Btw, Chris is hosting a Jeans January…


As I was telling you about a few posts ago, on the 28th November, the lovely Charlotte and Sophie at Badger & Earl, a sewing cafe in Chiswick (West London), invited Elisalex from By Hand London, Rachel of House of Pinheiro, Jane from Handmade Jane and your truly to come for a fun day of social sewing in their shop. The brief was to choose a pattern they stock and fabric and make it there and then.


I must confess, I am still clearly in the scuba-obsessed phase, so here we have a new creation using this amazing fabric. Although totally weather inappropriate, and believe me, I absolutely felt that during the photo shoot earlier today, I love them!


I discovered many French sewing blogs via Instagram  – you know how that goes, you follow one, they suggest loads others. I am lucky that I can speak French, so I had no trouble following the words and well as the pics, but believe me, a picture speaks 1000 words and many of them are worth checking out just to browse the stunning images.


Hello sewosphere, how is everyone? I myself just recovering from the final bit of the wedding celebrations, our little UK pub bash to celebrate with the friends and family that did not join us in the Caribbean. And I’m not even joking, but it was more stressful than the actual wedding… I mean, those of you who went through this, how in the world do you get to speak to all the guests? We only had 50 and I feel like I was just running from one group to another like a headless chicken… Maybe it’s just me… Anyhow, now…

My sustainable wedding dress: The reveal

Why hello, sewosphere, hope you’re still here! It’s been ages, I know, but you know I had a good excuse: getting married and the honeymoon and all that. So now, the big reveal, right? Well, the professional pictures have not arrived yet (when do they ever give them back on time…?) so you will have to contend with a few bad ones taken with my phone. This is teaser I got from the photographer, so I’m teasing you with it too. EDIT: now updated with more pics below.

How to store your fabric yardage on comic book cardboard

  What do you do when your machine is not available? Easy: START ORGANISING YOUR FABRIC!

Splitting hairs | How sustainable are cashmere, angora or mohair?

Have you wondered where that fluffy, lovely, warm cashmere scarf or mohair jumper really come from? Or just how ethically was it produced? Well, let’s explore together the ins and outs of hair-based fibres and their sustainable story.
We talked about types of wool a while ago and the sustainability and ethic aspects related to it. But not all that is warm, woolly and cosy is actually wool. There are a few other animal fibres that can be knitted or woven into lovely cloth that are not technically categorised as wool, but they are actually the hair various animals, from rabbits to goats, lamas and alpacas.

A sustainable wedding dress odyssey – Part 2

Friends, I’ve almost beaten the procrastination and made a bit of progress with the wedding dress project… At least, on the prep side. As I was telling you in the previous post on this topic, I decided I not only wanted to make my own wedding dress, but I wanted a sustainable one at that. And my way to go about it was to buy an old dress off eBay and take it to pieces to recover the fabric and make a new dress I designed, from scratch. Soooo, a few weeks later, I did just that. It took me three…


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