Oh Mimi, it can’t be you! Surely it’s me…

Polka dot Mimi

Dearest Mimi has been misbehaving… Or maybe I have? In any case, I feel I ended up with a below par creation and in this post I’m naming and shaming (mostly myself). Any advice to help Mimi get back into my good graces is very welcome. We are of course talking about the Mimi blouse from Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walness.

Let me start by saying I absolutely love this book, and I’ve already recommended it to so many people, as well as buying it as a gift for some of my newbie sewing friends. The copy I got for myself was especially purchased for this pattern, I really really loved the collar. Plus, I was a match made in heaven with this fabric, a green with navy polka dot chiffon.

So what’s wrong with my Mimi? My main problem came from the front yoke gathers, which twisted and flounced in the most awkward way, so much so that I ended up unpicking them (about 4 times) and removing about 4 cm from the armhole side of the front of the blouse, as well as scooping the armhole a bit. This solved the problem of sorts, but not completely. It might also be because the fabric is quite floppy. I’ve seen Mimi made out of crispier fabric and it it looks better. So, is this how it’s meant to be and am I just being silly?

Polka dot Mimi blouse

My second problem is the unequal collar, somehow when I put in the buttonholes, sewed the buttons in, and buttoned it up, the edge of the front came up closer to the collar on the left side than the right side. I was pretty sure I respected the notches on the pattern, but clearly not… Has anyone had this problem as well?

Polka dot Mimi blouse

However, it’s not all bad. The collar shape, I do believe it’s called a Chelsea collar, I absolutely love! And I love the fabric, though it does crinkle quite a lot more than I thought. It does go rather well with both jeans and my work high-waist trousers, so dressing both up or down.

Polka dot Mimi blouse

Anyways, I’m in two minds whether to try another Mimi. I still have some of this fabric left over, so might give it another shot once I figured out how to iron out these little niggles. Maybe even the pussy bow version Tilly just posted recently.

The technical details:

Pattern: Mimi blouse from Love at First Stitch book by Tilly Walnes.

Fabric: Polyester chiffon from Abakhan

Notions: 6 x 0,5 cm buttons from Abakhan; fusible interfacing


Any Mimi stories of your own? How say you: BFF or frenemy?

Happy sewing!



  1. I’ve made 1 mimi which is fine for work but has some issues. I’ve just cut out a second though to tackle these issues. For me it’s too short and stops too abruptly – I’ve lengthened the front and back and attempting a dipped hem at back. We’ll see how it goes!


  2. I really like it on you!I didn’t notice the centre front until you pointed it out! The colour is fab and the collar shape really suits you. I know from experience that poly chiffon is a b#!?! to gather… It just bounces around and poofs out. Sometimes a light pressing can control the gathers, but your solution in taking out some extra fabric was the better way to go I think 🙂


  3. Hello, I had real problems with my Mimi blouse too. I adore the pattern and there are so many gorgeous versions out there but somehow this blouse just isn’t me. I had such problems that I set it aside, although I did finish it. I wrote about it a while back on my blog thestylishstitcher.blogspot.co.uk. Sadly Mimi languishes in my wardrobe unworn. I like your version though x

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    1. Thank you! I’ve already worn mine, in spite of the issues, and it sort of annoyed me, but as we sewers know, usually nobody notices the mistakes until we point them out… Luckily I love the colour, so might stick to it for a while. But it was so close to not being finished, my fiance pushed me to get it done in the end.
      Btw, I couldn’t find Mimi on your blog, is it in My Makes or somewhere else?


      1. Wow, your looks awesome! I really like it and it seems to have avoided all the construction issues on mine! Well done!!


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