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Hello sewosphere, hoping you are all warm (or cool) and safe wherever you are!

This is not the post I intended to write today, but because of the cold weather we’ve been having this weekend in London and a silly accident I had last night (slipped on ice and hurt my back), I couldn’t take pictures to show you the latest creations. Hoping to sort it out by next week.

But there is another reason, much more tragic and heart-breaking that, although more than week later, has not faded from the news or our consciousness. Completely by coincidence, I have recently been falling in love  with a lot of French sewing blogs and pattern companies, some of them perhaps less know in the English speaking sewosphere. So I thought it would be a good time to send some love to these inspiring ladies, and urge you to visit and maybe follow them as well.

I discovered many French blogs via Instagram  – you know how that goes, you follow one, they suggest loads others. I am lucky that I can speak French, so I had no trouble following the words and well as the pics, but believe me, a picture speaks 1000 words and many of them are worth checking out just to browse the stunning images.

Also, it’s nice to see some other indie patterns rather than the ones we keep on coming back to, lovely though they are. Republique du Chiffon, Aime comme Marie, Pauline Alice, Made in Me Couture, or Wear Lemonade are some of the ones loved by our fellow French bloggers.

So without further ado, let me wax lyrical about le blog a la Français (in no particular order).

Des bonheurs dans mon atelier

petits bonheurs

Christine has a simple, but very elegant style, and the blog has many lovely pictures for each post, so it’s not even a question of Google Translating too much. She clearly works with great quality fabrics, getting a bit of thread envy sometimes :).

A few of my favourite pieces:

A Aime comme Marie Magnetique here and here  – I want that pattern so badly now!!

I don’t know where she actually lives, but all her pictures just remind me of a villa in Provence. What do you guys think?

Annie Cotton

Annie Cotton

I have discovered Annie very recently, but I liked her blog so much I just had to send a her note right away praising it! The look of the blog is fantastic, just a pleasure to browse. She also has amazing hats and the best photography locations you can imagine.

I mean, check this one on the train lines… Serious pic envy!

My dress made

My dress made

Another very inspiring blog with beautiful clothes, beautiful pictures and stunning backgrounds!

I just want to go shopping now for all these amazing new patterns. A few ideas, like this dress here, this stunning Majestique, that pink silk *drool* or this simple, but effective Victor top are a certain ‘Save’ in the inspiration folder.

Carmencita B


Of course, no list of French blogger could ever be complete without Carmencita B. She is the French Queen Bee (a.k.a winner of the Coussu Main – the French equivalent of the Great British Sewing Bee). Some of you might have met her in person during the big sewing trip in Paris earlier this year. I never had the pleasure, but I have been chatting on Twitter and she is a lovely lovely lady, not to mention an awesome seamstress!

Lou & Jo

lou& jo

Lastly, a quick mention to Lou & Jo, especially for these awesome pieces:

An out of the ordinary Xerea, a very pretty Eliana and this awesome Japon jacket – just how cool is that fabric???

As Lisa from Make my Lemonade says,à  bientôt mes petits chatons (see you soon, my little kittens), have a fantastically creative week and go spread the love!

Alex x






    1. My pleasure! Your makes are great, very inspiring. Plus I have serious photo background envy :). Looking forward to many new projects!


      1. But some of them are amazing! That Magnetique from Aime come Marie, omg, I want it so badly!! Though I haven’t actually tried one yet…


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