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If this is starting as I mean to go on in 2017, then not sure how much of me you’ll end up seeing this year. On the plus side, sewing hasn’t been all that scarce, it’s just the photographing and blogging that I have been rubbish at.

Oh well, never mind, I’m here now…

I made this just before Christmas, and this is actually the second version in the same fabric. The first time around I misread the seam allowance, which is 1cm, not 1.5cm (duh!), and French-seamed it before I tried it on. Let’s just say, it was bordering on indecent, with my boobs squeezed in a very unflattering way. However, it was not wasted in the end, I gifted it to a friend with a narrower back than me, so all was well in the end.

So why a cami in the middle of winter? Since True Bias launched Ogden cami, there has been a raft of them all over the sewosphere, so it got me in the mood too. I’m not really a cami person, but I am the most influenceable person ever, so the idea got in my head and would not go away. Which usually means it nags and nags mentally until I just drop all else and just do it!

I was considering Ogden, but what I wanted was a cami with super thin straps and a gentle v-neckline.

So, after a thorough Pinterest search, I came across the Sew Loft Diana cami, which is free! It also has a very lovely back detail, French seams and a tiny baby hem, what’s not to like?



I ended up changing the bias binding finish on the neckline with a facing, as I could not for the life of me figure out how it was meant to come together.

But other than that, happy days!


So here are the deets:

Pattern: Diana cami from Sew Loft, size M, in PDF

Fabric: a silky poly fabric, which I got in the Fabric Swap at the Cambridge Sewing Weekend in August last year. It said John Lewis on the selvedge.

Alterations: Other than replacing the bias with the facings, the pattern fitted perfectly right off the bat.

Construction: The side seams are French seams. The facing and the hem are finished in baby seams. Other than that, not much to tell, it’s a pretty straightforward affair.

So here’s some more pics :).


Verdict: success! I really like this cami, it feels comfortable and luxurious, I love the spaghetti straps and the shape of the back. I wore it to work with a jacket, but really looking forward to wearing it on its own during an upcoming holiday in the sun.


I’m working hard on catching up on my backlog so hoping to bring you back new and exciting projects very soon!



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  1. I really like the back detail on this. It makes it stand out from the other cami patterns around. The colour is gorgeous on you.


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